Consistency – How It Changes Your Posture

consistency2Win with Consistency

How many times have you heard “You Have To Be Consistent”?
Oh my goodness, it was beaten into my head a thousand times. I’ll be perfectly honest, it’s the truth. Being consistent will bring your numbers up and eventually you’ll start bringing in new people on a continual basis.

Consistency and Posture

Here‘s how your posture will change. I call it keeping your bank full. When you are hanging on to one person that you are attempting to enroll, you end up pandering to their needs. You start, almost begging them to “Join” your team. Pleading, telling them how awesome and making yourself a desperate, unattractive mess.

NOW! Have a few people in your bank. What state of mind does that put you in? You know it! You feel awesome, almost unstoppable. That’s the posture you need going into every conversation.
Full of power, attractive and someone that you would join if you knew you.

Check out the video below. I go a little more into detail.

Pretty cool right? Keep your Bank Full and you Posture Strong!


“Because You’re Worth It”


Steve Krivda

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