Conquering Fears

Fear can be crippling.

Think about your fears, you know the ones I am talking about. The ones that are freaking you out right now, LOL.

You are about read about a true story about a girl I had the pleasure to watch conquer a fear about a month ago. Not only did she…just read on. To find out.

So, I am at a convention for my primary company up in Tampa Florida. My buddy Alex and I decided to go down and have a mastermind session down by the pool LOL. While we were there, there was a young lady, that I had never met before. I am not sure why she caught my eye but this is how it went down.

She had one of those pool noodles and was swimming back and forth between the side walls. THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN, she let go of the noodle and STARTED SWIMMING. She looks up to me and “I just learned how to swim, just now”.  When she said “Just now” that was the time!!!! I couldn’t believe what was unfolding in front of me. It was awesome.

Did it stop there? NOOOOO!

The next thing I know, she is jumping up and down in the water and dunking herself. She asked the couple next to her if “It looked real”. What was happening was, she was attempting to see what I felt like to jump in from the side of the pool. The next thing I knew she was sitting on the side and jumping in. I had to get back to the convention so I didn’t get to see her conquer the jumping of the side from standing but I had seen enough.

It was amazing. Step by step she conquered her fears. I have gone over this event time after time and it inspires me every time. Didn’t think about anything but her goals. We as adults get so engulfed in what we think we are afraid of that we forget how to get past and conquer those fears.


Meet the inspirational Latera. 

Be cool this is her Daddy Roy





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