Comparing Your Network Marketing Success

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In past posts here, we touched on different strategies to have success in network marketing, some obstacles that we may run into and places to find prospects and leads. I went back through my archives and couldn’t anything on that dreaded condition of Comparitis.

This condition is caused when you start looking at other people’s success and compare where they are to where you are. This can be crippling and can even get you to quit.

I know this, because I have gone through it…Several times.

Check out my tips on this in the video below. I think you’ll dig it

Bunk Comparitis

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“Because You’re Worth It”
Steve Krivda

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8 thoughts on “Comparing Your Network Marketing Success

  1. Jasmine Reese

    Steven I think you are right about not comparing yourself to others. I USE TO GO THROUGH THAT looking at other's success and trying to compare myself to them and when I noticed it wasn't working for like it's working for them because I was so busy looking at everything they do and not focus on myself, I noticed that I needed to concentrate on me and my craft.

  2. Angel Balichowski

    Awesome points Steven! I still find myself doing this every once in a while. As a Canadian I looked at your driveway and thought "Man I wouldn't want to shovel that eh?" and then I realized. You. Are. In. FLORIDA. lol!

  3. Rhosael Ciandre

    I do this way too much…I am getting better every day though!!! thanks for the reminder to keep us on track!!

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