Cold Marketing Prospecting Tips

Cold-Market-Prospecting-MLMCold Market Prospecting

There are certain skills that once you learn, you will never be alone, broke or hungry. Cold marketing is one of those skills. I can tell you that this is not something I would have done 4-5 years ago. Once I understood how simple this could be, I decided to run with it.

Yesterday I was at a CVS and noticed the young man behind the counter. Good attitude and eager to help the patrons as they came through and seemed like a good person to have a conversation with.

In the video below, you’ll see what I said and the results that came from that conversation. This isn’t hard stuff, it’s just taking that next step. I also give a trigger on how to get past that initial anxiety that comes with stepping way outside your comfort zone.
Remember the numbers 1-2-3

Cold Market Prospecting

Hope you will use that trigger, it’s painless and easy to do. Remember it’s all about 1-2-3.
And have fun with it, it’s what life is all about


“Because You’re Worth It”
Steve Krivda

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3 thoughts on “Cold Marketing Prospecting Tips

  1. Scott Kemeling

    Awesome Steve. Love how real you are and how easy you make it. I was definitely that "shy" guy also. Getting easier and better every day thought listening to leaders like yourself! Rock on.

  2. Corey Kleinman

    That’s a great example of effortless cold prospecting!

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