Cold Market Prospecting At A Party

Office PartyCold Market Prospecting At A Party

With Holidays upon us, you may feel the need to break out your presentation while you have everyone in the room with you LOL. Let me tell you, that may be a mistake. For a couple of reasons.

1. Most probably won’t know what you’re doing until you’re in full blown presentation mode and feel duped and someone may become a heckler and ruin any chances of being able to help anyone with your product or service.

2. I don’t know how its is around your house on the Holidays but, there’s a good chance that some wine may be flowing at the festivities. Again, with some wine flowing and a surprise presentation, it’s an invite for a heckler or three LOL

In the video below, I share an easy way for you to prospect at a party where you either know people or not. The example below, shows how easy it can be at a gathering where you don’t even know people.

Cold Market Prospecting At A Party

How non-resistant was that haha. Being transparent is always the best way to go, especially in this industry. Just be honest with people and you’ll be surprised at how far you’ll go.

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    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Thanks David, appreciate you

  1. Lynn Brown

    I think that is the key Steve, to be confident with what you do and when people ask, it will be easy to tell them. I let people know that I help folks build a small business online from home on their computers. And that usually always opens the door to conversation. This was a great tip!

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