Coaching and Programs – Expense or Investment – Mixed Reviews

investmentCoaching and Programs-Should You Buy?

There is a certain mindset that comes along with buying something. It’s the value that you put on yourself. Most people want to generate a 5 and 6 figure income from this industry with no formal education.

Can you do that all on your own? Of course you can…wouldn’t it be cool to be able to bypass some of the craziness that comes with owning any business?

The issue at hand is, do you view your purchases and expenses or investments. That’s where the rubber meets the road. Watch the video below as I throw my 2 cents into the ring on this. I take you on a bit of a journey from my past.

Coaching and Programs

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Steve Krivda

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4 thoughts on “Coaching and Programs – Expense or Investment – Mixed Reviews

  1. James Jordan

    Purchasing Products, & Trainings are Always a Investment in Yourself!

    The Key like you share in your video is to USE what you Learn!

  2. Jenni Ryan

    I have spent THOUSANDS of dollars on my own education and coaching and training. Some has been an expense and some has been an investment. But it all has attributed to the person I have become and the value that I can now bring to the world. Definetely a must to invest in your own skills.

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Awesome Jenni, awesome.
      Great testimony

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