Are You Coachable? Maybe Not

Coachability and Teachability


If you’ve been in the network marketing industry for more than a week, you’ve heard at least one of these terms. The leaders of the industry and your company let you know, if you want what they have, you’ll do what they do. And to let them coach you to your success. Why do so many people still miss the mark?

Most would say that they are easily coached by saying that they take action and implement.
It can be frustrating, especially when you see others that have started at the same point as you creating the success you want. It can feel like they’re being taught the secret CIA way of growing their business, that you know nothing about. It’s just not the case.

Where the issue comes in, is what we already know. No matter how humble you are, there’s always a certain level of “I already know that” hanging around. I know this, because it recently happened to me.

In the Video Below, we discuss an experience that I had that created a huge A-HA Moment that is changing my entire team growth. Pay attention for your A-HA Moment inside.

Yea, I hear you. It was a very humbling experience, that’s for sure. Be sure to take advantage of this Free One on One with me. I’m getting really busy with my clients and won’t be able to do this for long. Here’s what one happy client said. 10 Lead

“The Authentic Marketer”
Steve Krivda

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11 thoughts on “Are You Coachable? Maybe Not

  1. Kenny Santos

    This is very insightful. I wish I knew this earlier. Follow all the details. A small change can make a world of difference. Thank you.

  2. Tara Woodruff

    Powerful Reminder Steven!! Getting back to Basics and Getting Our Coach-ability Numbers UP. Allowing ourselves to learn when we know so much is CRITICAL. Thank you for this today AND thank you for the amazing webinar this afternoon!!

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Awesome, appreciate you Tara

  3. Juanita Blessed

    What impresses me Steve is the fact you recognized where you were "dropping the ball".

    Nice reminder to stay open & humble. 🙂

    I appreciate your transparency.

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