Closing The Sale and Why You Have To

Closing HandshakeClosing The Sale

Most people don’t even like the word Close, let alone go for it at the end of the conversation. You just kind of avoid the question of “Are you ready to get started?”




Closing happens any time we are out somewhere making a purchase. If you are in a restaurant, the server will ask if you want desert and then “Is there anything I can get you?” CLOSE
When you are purchasing shoes, you are asked “Should we make our way up to the counter?” CLOSE
Most people don’t put anything negative on that because they think it’s just a part of life. A close is a close LOL


Closing The Sale and Why It’s Important

If you aren’t going for the close, how can you impact lives? How can you give people a glimmer of hope in a world that is quickly losing the American Dream?
Heck, if someone didn’t close me, you wouldn’t be here right now reading this article. I wouldn’t have the success I have, I wouldn’t receive the emails from people saying how I impacted their lives or the comments that I had given someone hope that their dreams can be a reality.

A “Close” is just the ending to a conversation, nothing more. If you think that it’s negative, then it is…If you think that it’s a great thing, then it is.

The word Close doesn’t bother me. What bother’s me and what I feel that bothers others is the…less that honest and pushy people. You know what I’m talking about, the ones that promise getting rich quick or make you feel less of a person for not wanting to enroll.

I look at my good friend Ray Higdon and think about the network marketing industry and where it would be if someone didn’t close him. Or if Mark Zuckerburg wouldn’t have closed his friends on the idea of Facebook, would it be around?

You could be the person that Closes the giant that impacts the world.

Check out the Video I made in my front yard the other day. The sun setting behind me is beautiful.



Now go out there and change someone’s life and Close Them!


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“To your legacy”


Steve Krivda

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