Closing Strategies – The One Thing Most Miss

Closing Strategies
closing strategies


I was listening to Grant Cardone’s “The Closer’s Survival Guide” and it amazes me how many people fall victim to the same issue. We all want to be able to grow our businesses, expand our network and create more relationships and without this certain step.

Imagine you’re out and about and you meet someone, assuming you’re single of course. Just play along for a moment. You meet a special someone and immediately hit it off. Your mutual friends decided it would be fun for all of you to get together again the next night. You go for dinner and start to get to know one another. Afterwards, you both decide to detach from the group and catch a movie then head down to the beach for a moonlight stroll, holding hands and stuff. To Be Continued…

If you look at the above example of the first date, you can relate it to a conversation between you and your prospect. You meet, through an email lead or somewhere on or offline and you start your business relationship. You can see how the couple in the story met, felt each other out to see if it would be a good fit. It’s pretty apparent that they were compatible to “work” together. 

Enter back into the story. They’re at the beach having a grand time and walk back to their cars. He musters up the courage for a smooch, gets one and they’re off and go home. 
Everything was said perfect, except…of all the closing strategies used here, one was left out. He/She never went for the sale. Take it easy, the sale in this instance is the next date or wherever your imagination takes you. LOL

The point here, go for the sale. If you don’t ask if they are ready to get started or join or set the next appointment, etc… nothing is ever going to happen.  In my opinion, if we don’t go for the sale, it’s a No

Yes, I am keeping in mind that the beginning of the pitch and the end of the pitch are the most nerve racking and sometimes we do all we can just to get out of there. However, it’s way cooler to watch your team grow. We have to weigh up what’s worse, not “Going for it” and always wondering or straight “Going for it” and knowing straight away. 

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    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Cool, thanks Gloria

  1. Stephanie D'Laroy

    Great post Steven. I always believe to ask for a sale but only after giving heaps of value first. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Absolutely Stephanie – awesome

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