Choosing The Best MLM Team

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Choosing The Best MLM Team

This is a pretty important decision and I want you to understand something. You aren’t just joining a company, you are joining a person/team. In my opinion, there are more people today joining network marketing companies than ever before. It’s important to know what you are getting into. Having your own home business can be one of the best experiences of your life. I know that the people that I associate with have changed my whole way of thinking. Too many times someone will join with a sponsor, only to never hear from them again. (one time is too many).

When I say the best MLM team, I mean the best for you.

It’s okay to interview your future sponsor. They should be interviewing you anyway, don’t be afraid to ask questions back. Here are some good core questions to ask about the team. The questions about the company will be covered in another article.

How are they marketing themselves. How they are marketing themselves, is how their upline has shown them. And can you duplicate it?

What sort of training is available, especially for someone that is new.

Is there a cost associated with that training? I know a handful of companies, where it is mandatory to purchase training every month.

Are the owners/leaders of the company accessible? You don’t want to work with the “Untouchables” You want to know that there is more than one person around if you need help/support for you and your new reps.

Those are some sample questions that use when being pitched a new company. I am pretty much married to my primary company but it is cool to see what others are doing. Use the questions however you would like, change them up. Heck, you may not like them but come up with some other questions from these. However it helps, I am grateful and Good Luck in choosing the Best MLM Team for YOU.

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