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Simple 12 Steps To Calling and Closing Leads

Calling and Closing Leads


The funny thing about lead generation, is the shock of the leads actually coming in. That means that you actually have to call them. Believe it or not, this is a bigger issue than you would think. For the most part, it comes down to two things. Being addicted to the outcome and predicting a “NO” before the call starts and second, not knowing what to say. This post will Continue reading

5 Core Elements To A Profitable Online Business

Build A Profitable Online Business


I remember when I started my own business. I told everyone I knew about it… It might not have been the right way but I got the word out. Basically, I sent the following message to each and every Facebook email. I actually printed out my Facebook list. Here’s how it went.
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Biggest Mistake Network Marketers Make

Biggest Mistake That Crushes Network Marketing Success



Reflect back on about the reason you came into this amazing industry. Or maybe the reason you’re thinking about joining. For most, it’s an avenue to a dream life that couldn’t be achieved through their current situation. Personally, I love the industry and the business model. Another belief I have is Continue reading

What Is Self Sabotage – Are You A Victim

What Is Self Sabotage


If you’re like ‘anyone’ you’ve gotten excited about something cool and created a vision for your future. You create a plan of action that is going to take you to your destination. You take ‘some’ action and then you stop. It’s frustrating and can be devastating, depending on your desired outcome. If there are no Continue reading