Casey Egan

07-12-17 Session #3 of #5

Started last week with a Real Estate Brokerage
Ran Ad – not much to show…

How many people reached out to before taking step: 40-50.
***Spoke to 35-40
Getting a part time job delivering pizzas

Create PDF
Speak to 1 person per day by Phone – Send
Use Facebook for 2-3 conversations to contact people in these areas for: 
California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia and Washington, D.C
What can I do to improve what I just did
Document day with 196 sheet sent to messenger

06-21-17 Session #2 of #5

Has been making calls – 3 calls per day. (5 out of 11 watched video)
*Start giving video at the time of when they’re going to watch it.
Appointments to sign up customer, coming up this week.

Simple tweaks to Blog Header

Handling Voicemails

Facebook Engagement (Know your audience)

PDF for placing an ad to collect customers – 10 Ways to save $ on your electric bill.
Celebrate Wins

06-13-17 Session #1 of #5

Started MLM at 18yrs old. Started MLSP back Jan ’16
Dad in NM / Ambit for quite some time
Both in Ambit
Dad works morning and night

Why now? “I’m in the real world now”

Expectations from these 5 Sessions: Accountability, How to market to Ambit…

What does Casey want?
3 years from now: Freedom, self dependent (hates asking for money), help others to do the same. Feels as though he is the ‘underdog’ {something to prove?} Be on his own.
What does Freedom look like? To do what I want to do.
Underdog? Tried out for Baseball. Wanted to be the shortest guy in league. “Always” feels like doesn’t get a shot because size. However, made it to State Tournaments in wrestling. “That was a defining moment for me. I can have anything I want if I worked for it”
Why is this important? For people to be happy.
Choose your state of mind each day…

Why is Casey NOT accountable? Doesn’t want to go through warm market.
Easy to not go it alone…
Easier to do passive marketing
No warm market prospecting – been rejected in past.

What’s it going to cost Casey if “This” doesn’t work”
Money, integrity with others (said it will work), Reputation

Underdog – “I am the One”
“I am the leader people are looking for”
“I am successful, I am powerful and I am worthy”

18-30yrs old

Questions to get back to Steve
What your passionate about inside network marketing
3-4 of your core values
What do you want to teach / be known for:
(Steve’s Example of who he is…)

Content strategy: Blogging/Youtube <– Go to Marketing strategies and search for optimizing videos
Facebook Lives – Immediate Leads. Use Pretty Link **With Karen Winter

Facebook Groups PDF Leads.