Building Business Relationships

Building Business Relationships and Explode Your Business.

When building a business, people tend to do the first and easiest thing imaginable. I like to call it the shot gun approach. Blast you business out there to as many people as possible and hope it will stick with someone. Don’t get me wrong, this used to work back in the day when the internet first came about. Especially when Facebook first started up.

People trust a name, they don’t trust a blind website. Check it out…when I say take out pizza, most people would think of Pizza Hut, Dominoes, Papa Johns or Little Caesar’s.  Why, because it is a name that they trust. People always go with what they trust, most people. Some are bold and like to try new things but that is another article.

Okay back on track with Building Business Relationships.

This is very important as you start and continue to grow your business. Building relationships should be the first thing on your mind as you are rolling out your business RED carpet. It’s real easy, if you are genuine with people.

When you see someone you know, you ask them how they have been and actually care about their response. Let them talk and when they ask about you and what you have been doing, it’s okay at that point to bring up your business. IT’S NOT PRESENTATION TIME!!! Haha. You can give them one or two lines. Something like “I help others make money with Gold and Silver” Of “I help people generate an income while keeping healthy”. That’s very short, sweet and to the point as well as vague enough for curiosity to set in where they are going to want to know more.

Now, when meeting someone for the first time, it’s pretty much the same thing. It takes a bit longer so, here is a little blue print for you.

Connect with the person. I saw my friend Ron connect with a limo driver in Wendy’s by talking about how long the line was…then they just started talking. While most won’t talk to strangers, Facebook is the other place to meet people. Same thing, find a person with similar interests and start an email conversation with them. Saw you had children, thought it would be cool to connect. Or fishing, karate, boating, knitting, dog grooming…whatever it is connect with them. This takes a little bit of time but remember you are Building Business Relationships. This isn’t a wham bam thank you ma’am. When you are connecting with the person, actually care about what they are talking about, have a conversation with them. What you are going to find out is, your friend base, warm market, sphere of influence is going to grow grow grow. Pretty cool right?

Once you have connected with them, had a couple of email interactions with them, ask them what they do for a living. This will get them to talk about what they do, as well as spark them to ask you the same. That’s when you can use what we talked about up top. WHEN they say, how to do you do that? That’s when you say, I have this (whatever business you do) that I have been doing for some time now to create an income for myself as well as helping others. This is what I do LOL

That’s about it. They are either going to get offended or take a look at what you have to offer. Most of the time, the person will still be your friend and that’s cool. That person is not just your friend now but also a future business partner.

The difference between spamming them and doing it the way I mentioned above is your link open rate will increase significantly.

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