Build Your Network Marketing Business

How To Build Your Network Marketing Business

Now that you have taking action and bought your very own Network Marketing Business, your very own business, it’s time to get moving on generating leads and making some money. Wouldn’t you agree?

Out of all the ways To Build Your Network Marketing Business I am only going to touch upon a couple. Since most people start their business’ with a budget, I am going to stay with the more economical strategies in this article.

How To Build Your Network Marketing Business Offline

This is not as hard as one would think. I know that most people are timid about approaching others about their Network Marketing Business. Let me start with this…NEVER BE ASHAMED of you NM Business and don’t hesitate to talk to everyone you know about it. You don’t know who you are talking to, what stage of life they are in and how hungry they are. That person that you were too “Timid” to talk to could be the one that rockets you to stardom. Marketing offline is pretty simple.

First things first, ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS, let the person you are talking to spill the beans on their life first. This will give you a couple of directions you can take the conversation. If they are on hard times, you can offer them a solution to their problem. When their turn to talk is over, you can offer them with “If I could show you how to make an additional income on the side without interfering with what you are doing now, would you be interested?” Most people, with the exception of the very wealthy, could always us more time. So again, you are offering them a solution by offering them a way to get more time with whomever they want more time with.

Here are a couple of lines that you can use when people ask you what you do. “I help people make money with Gold and Silver” Yours could be, “I help people make money while becoming healthier” or “I help people make money while providing them with a specific service” Catch my drift. It’s not being deceitful on the other hand you are leading them with curiosity. When they ask for more information, you say “I don’t have a lot of time to explain it now but, give me your email address and number (if you don’t have it) and let me send you the information.

How To Build Your Network Marketing Online

There are several ways to market online.

One being email blasts…this is a difficult one as it has a low success rate. Most people won’t click on your links because they don’t know you, so your open rate will be low to begin with, then the person has to LOVE what you are showing them to consider spending money with someone they don’t know.

One of my favorite online marketing places is Facebook. There are well over 800,000,000 people on Facebook and only 68+ million people in network marketing. I am sure you can see how this place is a wealth of leads. I will keep this section a little shorter. First – Don’t spam people. Don’t email people your link without getting their permission, don’t paste your link all over your page…these eliminate the element of surprise. You don’t get to talk to the person about your “Gold and Silver”, “Healthy” or “Service” product because as soon as you move the conversation in that direction, they will know that you are about to pitch them. Be gentle, connect with people, get to know them find out why they need your Network Marketing Company.

We have to remember something, we are not sales people or pitch people. We are problem solvers. We help people generate incomes, have more time and help people attain their goals.



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