How To Build An Online and Offline Business

Building Your Business On and Offline

Building Your Business


Do you have a home business that you’re looking to continue to grow and it feels as if your immediate sphere of influence is starting to become scarce? Being in the home business arena, it can seem like that. What most do, is call the list that feels comfortable and leave that list of people that we feel may say “No” for the day that we have “Made It”

We’ll address the list first. By segregating our list, we may actually be taking an opportunity away from someone that could be looking for what you have. I know it’s uncomfortable to call certain people but let’s leave it up to them. You never know who could take what you have and run all the way to the top.

Assuming that you have sincerely called everyone, it might not be a bad idea to start looking into some online marketing. I literally don’t have enough space on here to go all in about online marketing. I can however, steer you towards the system I’ve used with immense amount of success here Lead Generation

The question is, how can you do both and keep your mind from becoming scrambled eggs. It comes down to segmenting your time. In the Video Below, we discuss how you can easily use your time to produce in both areas with an abundance of leads.

As you can see, the time in the day can be warped to make it work in your favor. Once you are receiving a constant lead flow, your ‘problems’ change from “Who am I going to call” to “How am I going to find the time to call all these people” 
That’s a great problem to have. Again, if you want to see my proven method, hit me up here…

“Because You’re Worth It”
Steve Krivda

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7 thoughts on “How To Build An Online and Offline Business

  1. Kenny Santos

    Steve, you make some great points. Online or offline or even both. It doesn’t matter which one you choose as long as you are focused and actually work. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Mitch IMob Adams

    I call the people that you don't want to call your "chicken list" Sometimes those people can be your ticket to success. Great tips, we can all do better at our "chicken list"

  3. David Thompson

    Segragating lists is powerful because you get to focus on what they want instead of shooting blanks in the dark. I totally agree with the online/offline strategy as you can build stronger relationships with those you meet in person. Online for maximum leverage and of course building relationships which you are great at Steve because you provide value.

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