Breakthrough Habits To Create Massive Success

Breakthrough Habits


It’s no doubt that the exact place we are in now is a direct reflection of the habits that we’ve created for ourselves over time. Left to our own devices, most of us willcontinue to move towards the realm of comfort and “Let Life Happen”

A couple weeks ago, I received an email from Brendon Burchard discussing how we can create new habit in order to truly break through. Here are my notes from it. 

#1 Expression

  1. Be more expressive with what you want in life
  2. What you really need
  3. What you really hope and dream for

We get caught up in our daily stuff

Then one day you wake up and realize that the people in your life don’t know who you are.
Include the people around you in your vision. 

They may think you’re crazy or what not – who cares. Speaking what you really want makes it real and it holds you accountable. When we don’t share, we lose ourselves and that vision. Don’t be afraid of that. Don’t worry about judgement. Be expressive. Make it common practice. Let people know who you are. Let people cheer you on. Let people check on you and keep you accountable.

#2 Get Back Your Morning

  1. So many of us check our email, facebook, twitter, IG first thing in the morning. We are giving up control to these things! I get it, I was the same way. What happens – someone quit, lost followers, bad email, etc… It crushes the day and that’s really hard to recover.
  2. Take back your day! Move around, pray, meditate…take 5 minutes with your green tea, do something for you.
  3. Whatever it is, do it for you to get your mind straight.

#3 Achieve three things that are tough

  1. I’m not talking about the daily mundane things.
  2. Typically, we do what’s easy first and the “avoidable” things get pushed back and they don’t get done. Or better yet “I’ll get to it tomorrow”
  3. Do the “tough” things first. Knock them out. If we learn to do get used to the uncomfortable…we truly master our lives. The uncomfortable becomes the norm and secures you for maximum growth in your life.

#4 Learn to ask for help

  1. In your house – dishes, vacuuming, folding laundry. It all can’t be done by one person. Our household is typically made up of more than one person. 
  2. Get mentoring in your business.
  3. Talk with your team. Create an accountability group with each other.

#5 Start Looking at situations in your life and “Demand the Best of Yourself”

  1. Walk outside of you and examine YOU from another point of view, in all situations.

This is done through asking a simple question “How would my highest self handle this situation?”

When we are in the situation of craziness, we have a choice. Could be an argument with a loved one, the kids go nuts, our pets go poo on the floor…all situations.
We can match their energy or we can meet them with our Highest Energy of our Highest Self. How would THAT PERSON react in this situation?  WE MUST START DEMANDING THE BEST OF OURSELVES IN ALL SITUATIONS.
How would my Highest Self talk with that person, handle this stress, breakthrough this situation, go to the next level…

Because I am that Person and I Demand Only The Best!

Luck is bulls**t!

If you want something, go out and get it.

Luck is an excuse, luck is a lie… Luck Limits our own greatness! And Limits like Fears are just an illusion!

“Because You’re Worth It”
Steve Krivda

Steve Krivda




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13 thoughts on “Breakthrough Habits To Create Massive Success

  1. Tara Woodruff

    Ooo Steve, This post is excellent I especially Love #2 #4 and #5, Ever since I started Doing a Full Blown Morning ritual BEFORE I even opened my email, My whole life is better. i appreciate you putting this together for us. see you tonight!

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Totally awesome Tara!

  2. Dr. Lisa Thompson

    Hey Steven – great post my friend!

    I took back my mornings after reading the Miracle Morning…

    Ever since I did this I am sleeping better, waking up with more energy, and I’m attracting more people in my business…

    Dr. Lisa

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      That’s awesome Lisa!

  3. Brian and Felicia White

    Wow! This is absolutely pure gold Steve! Couldn’t agree more with the points listed here. Especially love the breakthrough habit of saying to yourself, “How would my higher self handle this?” We should be thinking about the best doppleganger version of ourselves and how they would think, speak, and act. Also agree with the importance of speaking your vision and including others in it. So many are living double lives.. one in internet land and another for friends and family in their daily lives. Sad. Be your true, transparent, unique selves for the world to see and get excited, fired up about it! Love it! Thanks a million for sharing such nuggets! 🙂

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Awesome Felicia! Thanks for this great response!

  4. Julie Syl Kalungi

    So deep. Real deep, pure gold.

    Asking our higher self for guidance…lots of us forget that higgher self is a pure spirit rooting for us so big. Yet we stiffle them with self doubt, fear, and all kinds of negative self talk. Pure criminal the way we speak to ourselves.

    Ask for help…I dont know how many times I have tried to do it all…So touching me this one Steven C.!

    I do have a morning success routine…but I dont like to ask for help, and that must Stop now! Thnak you thank you bro!

  5. Lorraine Menza

    Doing things that you are uncomfortable with and getting the things that are difficult out of the way, makes the rest of your day easier!

  6. LuAnn

    wow awesome Steve great post… I am working on taking back my mornings… little by little I’m getting there and you are so right…great info and value here thanks for sharing

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Totally awesome! Thanks LuAnn

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