Branding Yourself in Network Marketing – Is It That Important

Branding Yourself in Network Marketing.

This is something that is close to my heart as in the past, I have promoted, promoted and promoted my network marketing business to thousands of people. Literally thousands. Only to end up leaving the company after about 9 months, for whatever the reason. What did that do for my name and reputation? People knew me from my company and not me so, every time I would talk to someone that would ask me “How’s that business going?” Not a lot of fun.

Why is branding yourself so important?

Besides my example above LOL. Okay, I am going to elaborate a little. You want people to know you as a leader, right? You don’t want people to know you for your company. You want to be known as a leader in Network Marketing. There has been a company called Trump Network that has been around for years. It is a good company with decent products. People have promoted this network marketing company using the Trump name for years. I can’t even count how many times I have been pitched the company using the Trump name.

Branding Yourself.

This is where it gets important. Today Trump has left the Trump Network. Crazy, right? Now all the people that have been promoting Trump Network have to change the immense amount of promoting they had done. It’s a bit sad when you think about it. So much time moving in a certain direction, taken away in one day. If the people were promoting themselves, it wouldn’t have made a difference. It’s not that hard. Writing articles, talking to people and leading with value.

It’s really not that hard. This is attracting marketing. Leading with value is easy for someone that has been network marketing for 1 month, 1 year, 10 years, etc…

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