Branding Yourself and Old Spice

old_spice_on_a_horse1Branding Yourself or Re-Branding Yourself

When I was growing up, my Gramps used to where Old Spice Cologne. I remember sneaking in his cabinet under his sink and putting some of his ‘smell stuff’ on. Like I was going to get away with it LOL. I don’t know if you remember the scent that Old Spice had but it wasn’t the coolest smell haha.
Some of you may not remember that Era for Old Spice, all you see now is the guy on the horse LOL. Procter & Gamble did a tremendous job pulling out Old Spice from the old sailor type of stereotype to what it is today. In fact, I have most of their products and my wife loves them. Danielle’s the one who bought them for me.

What does that have to do with your business and what you are doing…Everything.

Branding Yourself

Most people get caught up with the product they are promoting, to the point where you may be known as the Juice person, the Silver guy, the Blogger, etc… You get the point. Branding yourself is not and won’t be as hard as you think.
Right now, you are looking at this because you are looking to create a new start for yourself or start in the right place. The best place to start is to find a niche or something that you are good at. What I can do is show you the journey that I have been on and let you inside what I have done for myself.

I started out on Facebook, connecting with other network marketers with no other reason but to connect, talk shop and learn from each other. As the conversations would go and I would run into something I didn’t know, I would research it. Then, take the conversations and write about them. It became quite a learning process for me.
In the meantime, I was putting my articles out on Facebook and starting to get a name for myself, Branding Myself as a Network Marketer that knows his stuff and is willing to help others.
I was giving myself a “New and Improved Scent”.

Something that you need to understand, this was a long process and worth every second. It took about a year to get this moving and get some sort of name for myself.

Like Procter & Gamble, there is a better way.
A way to place value in the market place without spending a year asking/talking with other marketers. You need a platform that will bring the most current marketing strategies and educational tools.
I am not saying that you need to go the route of using a system. You can what I did, that took about a year or you can plug into a system that will do it all for you.
Similar to what Proctor & Gamble did in using the man on the horse and create an immediate new brand.
The system I am speaking of is My Lead System Pro. It’s an all in one system, that, no matter what industry you are in, will increase your Internet Presence.
It doesn’t make a difference if you are a network marketer, real estate agent, furniture sales, etc… It’s pretty awesome.

Here is the site to My Lead System Pro

In today’s day and age, you MUST stand out in the crowd or you’ll get lost in the foot traffic.


“To your legacy”


Steve Krivda

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