Blocking Yourself From Home Business Success

Home Business Success – Do We Block Ourselves


Have you been tested lately? Pushing you to the brink of wondering if you should go on? We all have different goals in our lives. From personal fitness, to personal development to financial success. I’m going to guess here that your goals are big. You’re not happy with a life of waking up, go to work and come home. When it come to achieving Home Business Success, you’ll get hit all over, from the people you know to your biggest opponent of all…The person in the mirror. 

Image result for IntegrityIntegrity: The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.
As we move towards our goals, we’ll run into resistance, this is a given.  This is why our word is so incredibly important! Not the word with others, the word that you keep with yourself. 
With others, if you have don’t keep your work, they may not notice. However as you make a commitment with yourself, you’re the only one that knows if you kept it. It almost makes the breaking easier. 

What are the consequences? The more this occurrence comes up, the easier will be to break your word to yourself. You’re telling yourself that your word isn’t important and eventually it will mean nothing. 

Why did we start with Integrity? It’s the basis of where Your Business Starts. 

Where integrity ends, excuses starts. Excuses become valid and turn into reasons why we quit running. 

Excuse: A reason or explanation put forward to defend or justify a fault or offense.
The choke hold that we put on our dreams and goals. I didn’t get that done because…I’m not going into all the BS we feed ourselves on the daily basis. What we’ll speak about next may change how you see the language you might be using on a daily basis. 

Out language defines who we are, both to others and more importantly to ourselves. We MUST not let ourselves off the hook with the excuses we feed ourselves. 

In every Excuse we have a The Benefit and the Beneficiary. 

The Beneficiary is most likely you and possibly someone in your life that has been begging you to quit. Though this feels like a great place to be in the beginning, it’s not a long term feeling. Though your spouse may have you back around, it’s not the same. There will be something missing. I know this, because it was me. I quit the industry back in 2008… My family had their husband and daddy back but I wasn’t present. I was constantly in the area of what “Could’ve been” if I hadn’t quit. It will eat at you until you make a decision that you have ‘absolutely’ made the right choice or you go back to Living Into Your Dreams.Image result for beneficiary

The Benefit is typically relief! It’s a sigh of not having to sacrifice anymore, not having to give up time to work on what you were working on. Be warned, as stated above, this is very short lived. 
Sometimes it will last 5 minutes and sometimes it will last forever. To give up, in my opinion, is a selfish act. To remove yourself from the list of people that could inspire, impact and in some cases I’ve seen personally, save someone’s life. The choice here, is yours. 

Why is this so important to me. Quitting is painful and while it provides a short term sense of relief, it can eat you alive. You’re also giving others the permission to quit on themselves. We need to band together and stand tall. We Are In This World Together and we Can Achieve Our Dreams. You Are Not A Statistic! 

You Will Win!

In this Audio Right Here, I go deeper into this and You will hear something that will directly impact you. 

Talk to me. Get Value? Comment Below. Would love to hear Your Story of Triumph To Home Business Success.

“The Authentic Marketer”
Steve Krivda

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2 thoughts on “Blocking Yourself From Home Business Success

  1. Terry Calvert


    For the last month couple of months or so I been dealing with INTEGRITY! Not mine integrity every one else integrity.

    First was a Business Person on-line, that just really bother me! It bother me so that my stomach just turn and I felt so dirty.

    Second was my oldest son that I cried, prayed, holler then he made the decision not to talk to me anymore. I accepted his decision. Am I concern, OH! Yes! I pray however, he is 43 years old and he made the decision and he knows better.

    Third a week after the ordeal with my son, it was a friend of 43 years plus. In my heart I knew here where always a situation there, however, I let it go. That day I could not let it go any longer. For the first time in our long relationship (and we went through a lot together) I bawl, unfortunately I scream, I hit the wall. I cried hysterically over the phone to her. Nevertheless enough was enough and I could not take it any longer. I could not just sweep it under the rug any longer. Do I feel guilty NO, not even bad. It finally had to be said. Have we talked since, YES! Will our friendship ever be the same, NO! I accept that, for I have to do what is correct for me in my soul and heart. I have to do God’s Will!

    Barely a week went by when the fourth pop up. A 10 year friendship. Wanted us to lie for him, basically close to steal to where at the end my husband will be burn real bad. This one really hit us hard, if anyone ask us would we expect this from him. Answer would be a resounding NO! In our wildest imagination this would not even come across, that he would do this. This one effected our health in the worse way, unfortunately we had to get others involve in order to save our reputation in several ways. Now he is gone, we are together and we let it go.

    All four has hit us hard barely over a month one behind another. Our health and emotions, mental state is still effected. We are careful how we think and talk to anyone, to each other and private thoughts in order not to fall into negativity or depression. We are supporting each other the best we know! I believe it has made our relationship stronger.

    Do I ask WHY? Oh Yes! Why Integrity is hitting us so hard Yes. Especially from those in long term relationship and family. Do I have answers NO! Those answers may never be answered!

    All I do know is that even though we been hurt in many ways, those negative people is basically out of our life or at least a great deal of our lives. I feel a sense of Freedom, less struggling and I can move on to who I am suppose to be with my head held up high and keep my integrity!

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      You, my friend… Are awesome!!

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