Biggest Mistake Network Marketers Make

Biggest Mistake That Crushes Network Marketing Success



Reflect back on about the reason you came into this amazing industry. Or maybe the reason you’re thinking about joining. For most, it’s an avenue to a dream life that couldn’t be achieved through their current situation. Personally, I love the industry and the business model. Another belief I have isthat anyone can achieve network marketing success, by avoiding one thing.

Most jump into the industry with both feet, excited and ready to change their life. They are told that, all they need to do is show the deal and Focus on Making Sales!
That’s where I see the issue, focusing on the sale. It’s no wonder we piss people off. The assumption that someone “Needs” your product or service is a little insulting.
Hold on a moment, I’m not saying that you’re insulting anyone on purpose. It’s how it’s taken. There’s a lot of Ego and Pride in our society today. The presentation HAS to be about your “person”. I’m not using the prospect on purpose. Let’s be sure we remember that, who we are talking to is a human being…

Here’s the Solution. Marketing! You’ll see the word I’m using is audience, not list. These are people we’re talking about.

Online Marketing Strategy in 3 Steps

  1. Build Your Audience
  2. Engage Your Audience
  3. Sell To Your Audience


Building Your Audience

Create a plan…
Who are you talking to and who are you serving?
Do you have a business and marketing plan for the next 6-12 months
No plan? Someone else with a plan, will sell your stuff.

In order to build an audience, you’ll need to attract them. This is done through value.
Once you know who you are talking to and know where your vision is taking you, you can now create content.

Are you creating and sharing content at least 5 times per week consistently?
Blog, Facebook Live, Youtube, Staying active on your favorite Social Media platform, etc…

Consider paid ads… Mobile Ads are great for creating ads as low as $.25 each. Consider targeted leads at that level over purchasing blind leads at $1-$2 each.

Until you are creating 10-20 leads per day, stay active. This means, creating relationships with people. Even if they don’t buy, add them to one of your lists.
Active prospecting is a must until you’re in a place that you’re automatically bringing in leads.

Engage Your Audience

This is rather easy. If you are staying constant with your content creation, this will be a breeze. One thing that I’ve recently implemented is daily FB Live and sending it to my list. It’s quick and full of value.

This shouldn’t be the only way to engage. Blogging and Webinars are a tremendous way to show your audience that Value that you have. Remember Value = $$$
If you’re not engaging, you’ll be forgotten.

Sell To Your Audience

You might be Getting Uncomfortable here. Here’s the facts! You’ve attracted the right person to you. You’re providing value on a daily basis and increasing your authority. It’s time to incorporate the biggest service to your audience. Sell them something.
I believe, with all that I know, people will put more value on something they pay for over free advice. It’s a uncomfortable truth. So sell.

It’s not about “You should buy this”.
You’re putting YOUR recommendation on a product, service or opportunity, according to your expertise. You’ve built authority, don’t abuse it…use it to help people further their own cause. Not sure how or what to sell? Might want to watch this interview.

It’s time for you to step into the role that God laid out for you. You have the power to make an impact and you’re doing a dis-service by keeping your value to yourself.

Can’t wait for your greatness!

“The Authentic Marketer”
Steve Krivda

Steve Krivda








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12 thoughts on “Biggest Mistake Network Marketers Make

  1. Kenny Santos

    Great post Steven. We don’t want to insult our prospect so it’s always good to find the need.

  2. Ryan Babaan

    Awesome post! This gives me clarity as to what I’m doing right and what i did wrong. Time to tweak my strategies and promotions skills. Always a student first. Thanks so much Steve.

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Cause you rock bro! Talk soon Ryan

  3. Keren Haim

    You’re so right on this Steve! We better know and acknowledge the needs of our ‘audience’. And make sure to follow up with giving something relative or valuable. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Yes ma’am, thank you

  4. Nancy Loehr

    Great advice on how to focus on our audience rather than our “list” . Solving the pain and problems of our industry is the only way to succeed. Thank you Steve.

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Glad you liked it Brian

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