Best Way To Approach Warm Market With New Home Business

Same Warm Market – New Home Business

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Approaching those that you respect and care about with a home business can be stressful. Let’s face, they can be a bit rough sometimes. There’s a chance, it could be our fault with how we presented it to them. Heck, it’s difficult to control excitement when you feel like you have something extra-ordinary. Fast forward a bit and now you’re in a different company and looking to figure out how to talk to the same people that told you no before.

All sorts of things to say go through your mind… “This time it’s different” “You don’t understand” “You GOTTA see this”
Nothing feels right so, nothing is said at all. Here’s the issue with keeping your product and opportunity to yourself. That person who may have said no before, may be in a different place in their lives now. They may be looking, hoping and praying for something. In a sense, by putting our own self image first, we are being selfish. I explain more about this below.

In the Video Below, I show you how to re-approach your warm market with your new home business.

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There is no need to hold back from speaking to your warm market. I can tell you, that Ray Higdon himself, called me on about every company he was in and out of. I only said “Yes” on the last time around. And it’s because I was searching for something and the timing was right.
Bless someone with your blessing.

“The Authentic Marketer”
Steve Krivda

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4 thoughts on “Best Way To Approach Warm Market With New Home Business

  1. Kay Somji

    Valuable lesson, so many people have hit their warm market repeatedly so often that they feel they’ve alienated them. Great tips for getting that credibility back.

  2. Mike Marko

    Nice ideology! This makes a lot of sense since hitting the same market with a whole new business is quite a difficult mission to do. Thanks for sharing Steve!

  3. Jelena Ostrovska

    I like that approach for warm market, Steve! Leading with a product is definitely easier than with business. Thanks so much!

  4. Kenny Santos

    Great approach. Everyone buys some type of product almost everyday. When your warm market is your burnt market, you want some way of contacting them.

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