Best Social Media Platform For Business

What’s The Best Social Media Platform For Business
Best Social Media Platform For Business



 We can agree, there’s a lot of training going around these day. It seems like there’s something new coming out every single week. For the new person coming into business, it can seem overwhelming. If you’re like most marketers, you find your groove in a platform and start moving forward with your new strategy. Before you have a chance to reap the rewards of your work, something new comes out and you shift focus. It happens to everyone. Finding the best social media platform for business, can be a pain. Let me tell you a little secret, they all work. It’s about finding the best one for you.

What we’re going to look at today, we will look at three different platforms…so you can make your own decision on what’s going to work best for you.

Best Social Media Platform For Business – InstagramLeads with Instagram

Building Your Audience: Instagram is a fairly simple platform to use. Just like any other platform, it’s about the engagement. When someone visits your page, they’re looking for social proof of who you are. Twitter is not different. The more relevant your followers are, the more engagement you’ll have.
In my opinion, the simplest way to start your Instagram page is to connect your Facebook account and add your friends. You don’t have to add all your friends, just select the ones you want. It’s always best to tap into your existing audience. 
Announce on your other social media feeds that you have your “New Account” running. 
Hashtags are a huge way to increase your followers here on Instagram, however a longer post…Grab Your Free PDF here for a fuller understanding of Hashtags

Posting: It’s important to be remain active on your account. The more active, the more engagement you’ll get. It’s recommended to post in the following types of posts.
3-4 Highly relevant inspirational quotes. (If you’re in a repair niche, post repair tips)
1-2 Tips posts and if you want to go totally crazy put out a Video Tip. Then 1 post advertising.

Engagement: When people comment on your posts, be sure to tag them and respond, even if you think it’s a “Bot Comment”. It’s a good idea to send a direct message to your fans as they are commenting, to make it personal. Your focus from messaging is to take the conversation to the phone. 

Your Bio: Your Bio is your about section on your account. Keep it short, sweet and relevant. If you’re a business person, keep it business. Remember when creating your Bio, society today is very “What’s In It For Me”. When your followers visit, they want to know what you can do for them. 

Best Social Media Platform For Business – YouTube

Most wouldn’t see YouTube as a social media platform. There is quite a it of interaction on this platform. You’re able to post your content where your audience can like, share and comment. Since we are speaking about business, this is a powerful platform to gain traffic to your Website, Facebook Fan Page or a Capture Page. 
If this is your desired home, treat it like you would any other. Create your “About” section, just like any other. Be sure to let your viewer know why they are there. Create your header picture to brand you and not a product. If you have a blog, I would recommend using the same or a very similar header picture. 

Subscribe to other channels that are in your niche, they will most likely follow you back. You are creating a tribe of followers that will get notification when you upload your videos.

Posting to YouTube. For a Full Tutorial and Downloadable Content Creation PDF, Visit This Site It will show you exactly how to create powerful, syndicated content and how to Rank your content on the First Page of YouTube and Google. 

Best Social Media Platform For Business – Facebook

Facebook ProspectingFacebook, in my opinion, is still at the top of the heap for social media, in my opinion. The biggest part of Facebook to remember, it’s a “Social” media platform. People come to it to showcase themselves, talk about their day, politics, vent and look at other people’s life. 

About Me is similar to the rest.
It’s a good idea to use professional pictures for your profile and cover pictures. Remember, you are being judged by those that are coming to your page. They want to know if you are worthy of their friendship. Sound shallow? We all do it. Remember that when posting. 

Posting to your page should be relevant to who you are and want to be perceived as. Remain authentic! You have a particular audience that you are looking to serve with your product, service or opportunity. What do they want to see, what can you provide to add value to their lives and why would they want to return. 

Ways to post. Using verbiage alone is okay. Unless it is one heck-uva post, they typically get the least amount of engagement.
Pictures are the next on the list. It’s good to use vibrant colors and / or a niche specific quote.
Uploading videos, up until recently, are the most engaged pieces of content. If you wear vibrant, eye catching colors against a color conflicting background, people will stop. Since they start automatically, all someone must do is stop the scroll. 
Facebook Live is the deal right now. They take the reigns and notify your audience that you’re going live. Since Facebook loves content and the newest bit of fun here, your Live Video will be pushed to the top of all feeds. Facebook Live Rocks. Check out this Free PDF on Facebook Live Right Here

You may say that I didn’t give you answer as which is the best platform to use. Here’s the catch to all of this…they all work. You have to go through and figure out which is the best social media platform for you. Keep in mind, there’s a good chance that you’ll move homes from time to time. It’s not big deal. My recommendation, give whatever platform you’re going to use at least 45 days. 

Holla below and let me know your favorite platform and why. Would love to hear about it. 

“The Authentic Marketer”
Steve Krivda

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    Thanks for sharing this awesome post, Steve! Instagram is definitely my favorite, but I totally have to get on the Facebook Live bandwagon. 🙂

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