Best Local Free Leads for MLM

Best Local Free Leads for MLM

The easiest way to get free leads for Multi Level Marketing is by commenting on other peoples blogs that are relevant to the product you are trying to promote.

When you’re just starting out in internet marketing you must try to leave comments on as many blogs as you can find.

Not every comment you leave will be accepted by the blog master and not every comment you leave will get a click through from a reader, that’s okay. The quickest way of finding blogs that will be relevant to your product will be by pasting this into your Google search box:

site: inurl:blog “post a comment” -”comments closed” -”you must be logged in” “your product”

Simply, this line means is the term blog is incorporated in the URL and comments are open. The other phrases in the “-” marks, indicate that Google should skip any blogs in which the comments are closed and where you must be logged in, and “your product” is definitely the thing you are marketing.

Look For Active Blogs & Forums

Pay attention to the dates of posts, don’t waste your time posting comments on inactive blogs.

If you have the SEOQuake toolbar on your PC (It’s Free), this can tell you the Page Rank of the blog you’re looking at. Page Ranks go from 0 to 9, so if you can comment on blogs that have a page rank above two or three, the quality of the link you get in turn is better and Google will reward you for that.

The more participators in a blog the more chance you’ll have to comment on other people’s posts and the site’s articles. When you leave your comment be sure it is useful. The blog master gives you a valuable link so leave something valuable in exchange. A worthless comment is no good to the blog master and it’ll be deleted, so you have wasted your time. Sometimes regardless of whether you do leave a good comment it could be deleted, sadly you are at the beck and call of the blog master.

This is the reason why you’ll probably have to spend a couple of hours blog commenting. The benefit is that you’ll get links back to your internet site whether or not you don’t get folk opting in, which may bring your internet site up in the rankings.

No Follow No Good

Many sites permit you to post a comment but then don’t allow you to leave links back to your own site. Move on to those that do.

You’ll be able to tell if the name of the commenter is in blue or click-able and some blogs allow you to put two links on a comment, one being a direct back-link to your website. If you would like to get leads then you should funnel those that do click your link to a lead capture page where they have to enter their e-mail to add to your growing list. Bookmark all the blogs that you have visited and you will soon grow a relationship with others that visit those blogs. Your target is to make yourself appear informed and trusty. They may not click your link or sign up today but the more frequently you leave good comments the likelier they will at last click thru and opt in on your internet site.

Be CONSISTENT and you will soon be getting those free leads for MLM!


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