Best Form Of Content Creation

Best Form Of Content Creation
Best Content Creation


Since you are reading this right now, there is a chance that you are a marketer and you have a story that needs to come out of you. Maybe, you’re new to marketing and looking to create some value in the marketplace and you’re wrapping your head around content creation and looking for the best platform. With the different media sources, it can be a bit overwhelming.

In the beginning of my so called content creation days, I was doing video. It was horrible haha. It took me about 4 hours to create it, I was sweating, had a deep dark red curtain background, I spent like 30 minutes ironing my shirt, getting the lighting correct and then spent a few hours editing it and uploading it. Anyway, at that point I thought I was pretty darn cool. That was Feb 7th, 2010.

There are two reasons for me telling you this. If you don’t like doing videos, that’s okay. The other thing is, if you like doing videos and you don’t feel like you’re too good at it, don’t worry about it.

In the Video Below, I discuss a couple different ways to get your value out there and you decide the best form of content creation for your personality.

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7 thoughts on “Best Form Of Content Creation

  1. Brian Garcia

    Content creation is HUGELY important for anyone wanting to grow a business larger than their immediate environment. Thanks for posting this info and video, Steve!!

  2. Roger Cox

    Thanks, Steve! I now have some things to work on! I have a blog with video, both of which are pretty crummy, but I AM doing them! But now I need to include a better call to action. Thanks, again.

    Roger Cox

  3. Lorraine Menza

    I find a lot of content material just through everyday life situations. I love to create content through video and blogging.

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