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Should Be Fun

How many pieces of content have you put together and wondered why nobody…
“Clicked Your Link”?

Let me tell you that you are not alone and it might not be your fault. Seriously, how are you supposed to know what you don’t know. Imagine for a moment, have the formula to create a piece of content that will keep your readers or viewers glued to your every word.

This strategy is called Tease, Please and Seize.

Tease: Why should they stay on your piece of content? Ask a question.

Please: Provide Value

Seize: Bring them off the piece of content as a lead with your call to action

In the video below, I explain what this formula is all about. It’s awesome and when you get it, you’ll never look at another commercial the same.

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“Because You’re Worth It”


Steve Krivda

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6 thoughts on “Best Content Creation Model For Selling More…

  1. Angel Balichowski

    This was so good! What a good reminder. It also reminds me to go into my customer hub and re-listen to the webinars. How quickly I can forget awesome tips like this! Your home town makes me want to go to Florida. NOW. It's our favourite place! Cocoa Beach here we come 🙂 Thanks Steve!!

    1. admin Post author

      Right on Angel!
      I love Florida, especially coming from Jersey 🙂

  2. Jenni Ryan

    Great tip from Kevin Harrington webinar! I was unable to attend that either. Always provide value is the key to growing an audience and getting more leads.

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you Jenni, I appreciate you. Providing value is a trade secret ssshhhh LOL

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