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Best Advice For Network Marketing Success


As you know, everyone has an opinion. Sometimes, it’s from their experience and sometimes it’s from a good book, course or training they attended. If you ask someone for their best advice for network marketing success, you’ll get all sorts of responses. This past weekend I was at Ray Higdons Home Business Intensive and it was outstanding.

One person I ran into was, Eric Tippits. He went over 7 Proven Concepts to Create Freedom in Network Marketing.

Concept #1 Be An Educator, Not A Sales Person

We spend a lot of time telling people what they need from our product, service or opportunity. If we put a listen ear on, you’ll hear exactly what your prospect is looking for. Leading from a serving position, changes the position of the conversation. It lowers the walls of resistance.
Imagine if you educated someone on the tax benefits of a home business. Everyone wants more money. You’re going to show them an easy way to create or should I say, keep more of their own money. Pretty cool

Concept #2 Tools Based vs Skills Reliant

You or Your upline might be the most awesome person, with the best closing skills and do their best to be available but, they won’t be able to be there for you and your entire team. This is why it’s important to have tools in place for you to guide and direct your team to use. It also helps with your new team mates have confidence they can do it too. Below you’ll see how this simple equation puts into to light. The numbers you see are scales 1-10…10 being the best.
It’s not all about your personal skills.skills-x-efforts-x-tools-success-rate
Be sure to use tools, they duplicate and give your prospect accurate, non-biased information.

Concept #3 Provable Duplication

This is pretty obvious. If you’re teaching something, be sure that you have done it first to show that it does create the results the you claim. If you haven’t implemented yet, then give the creator of the concept their due credit.

Concept #4 Common Interests and Common Enemies

If your product is awesome, then you need to share with people. Before the share comes around, it’s a good idea to listen to your prospects needs. You’ll hear soon enough, how your product is a fit and then it’s just me too. This will be your common interest, your bond and connection.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, you’ll also find some common enemies. A simple common enemy could be lack of time with the family, bills and taxes.
Of course, with your common interests and enemies, you know where to serve the best.

Concept #5 Leverage Social Media

For most, social media is a great way to get back in touch with their long lost friends from high school. It’s also a great way showcase some of your lifestyle while building your business. If you are creative, post curiosity posts and you’re people will ask you what you’re doing. It’s pretty cool. Attraction Marketing at it’s finest.  You put out value to become the authority.

Concept #6 Tap Into Training

Leaders are Readers. All leaders are constantly feeding their minds with the newest strategies and most important, personal development material. It’s incredibly important, as an entrepreneur to keep your mind straight. You will run into obstacles, resistance and people that are going to tell you to “Come back down to Earth”
It’s important, to know “How” to grow your business as well as to stay on top of “Why” your growing your business.

Concept #7 Accountability Coach

Most people aren’t born into entrepreneurship. Which translates into marching to the worker’s mentality. For the most part, we’re told when to show up for work, what to do at what time, when we can take a break, when to eat and even when some can see their families. It’s programming.
When we walk into working for ourselves, creates an environment to hold ourselves accountable. When there’s no urgency, there’s typically room for distractions, hindering from growth. This is the realm that people quit on their dreams because it’s taking too long.
An accountability coach will do just that, hold you to your word. I am sensitive to the fact that many feel a coach may be out of their financial realm. That’s typically from not seeing the value in the coaching. It’s seen as an expense. A good coach will push you outside your comfort zone, get you in action to produce results. Results = Income. In Network Marketing, that means residual income. If you’re considering a coach, let’s have a short breakthrough call at

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  1. Nancy Loehr

    Really like you advice Steve and yes an accountability coach is just one of those necessary things in order to get to the next level of your endeavor/life/project/destiny. I listed to you this week on MLSP too – really enjoyed it. Thanks for all the value you put out there.

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Thanks Nancy! Appreciate you.

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