Being Awesome – The Secret

Im awesomeAwesome: Excellent, Inspiring Awe, Extraordinary

Wondering how so many people can appear to be awesome all the time? HaHa, it’s crazy right? You may have said “This has to be fake” I’ve been there, questioned it as well.

Then I found out that being awesome is a personal choice we have. We tend to let our lives be ruled by our circumstances. When owe can own them! Our circumstances for us are bigger than what they would be for someone else and on the exact opposite end of the spectrum, MINUSCULE to someone else. It’s what we put on them.

In the video below, I dance, I get a bit heated and I laugh…all the name of awesomeness.

I know, I’m a goof. I can’t help it. Once I figured it out…that I can have fun, be me and be awesome whenever I want, it was all over.

Feel free to share this around for those that may be dealing with something that is holding them back from greatness.


“Because You’re Worth It”


Steve Krivda

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10 thoughts on “Being Awesome – The Secret

  1. Rik Lepine

    Great stuff Steve. Let me be another fellow business marketer to tell you…You're Awesome!

  2. LaRon Connely

    This is an amazing post Steve. Thank You for the value

  3. Mikeal Byrd

    Great Video ! I"m having to work tonight and I believe i'm going to dance a little 🙂 Thanks !

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