Becoming a Champion

Most people who follow single competitor sports take enjoyment in watching up and coming, soon to be champion come up through the ranks. I can say that the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is my favorite single competitor sport to watch.

It is obvious to see who is a true champion in their heart. You can see it in their eyes. Anyone can train their butts off, anyone can show up to the gym everyday and many, many people have the guts to step into the ring. It takes a true champion at heart to fight through anything. This is why, at this point, the UFC has (5) five minute rounds for championship fights instead of (3) five minute rounds. I believe this is to see who has the drive and who doesn’t. That’s why the last (2) rounds are call the CHAMPIONSHIP rounds.

Also, you can see what the person is made of after getting beat down from every angle and still coming out that next round. This is a picture of Forrest Griffin vs Stephan Bonner. These guys beat the snot out of each other for (3) 5 minute rounds.

So Steve, what’s the significance of all of this?

In anything you do, If you want to be a champion, you have to train like a champion. You have to go all in. You can’t do things halfway and expect to be top tier. You have to commit, not just show up for the game. Do what other champions do, watch them, study them and surpass them. When it gets hard, know in your heart that you aren’t going to quit but push through and hit those goals.

Those two guys I mentioned above knew what they wanted from that one bout and didn’t stop for one second of fighting until that last bell rung. There wasn’t anything short of being knocked out that was going to stop them from reaching their goals. GET IT?!?!

If you want something, do what it takes to succeed (within the law LOL)

When the going gets tough, you have to dig down deep and beat that opponent. NOW GO OUT THERE AND THE CHAMPION YOU KNOW YOU ARE!!!

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“To your legacy”

Steve Krivda


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