Become a Millionaire

Secrets To Become A Millionaire


How to become a millionaire

First things First. You are “Becoming” a millionaire you don’t just want to be one. You have to have the right mind set.

The next thing to understand is having millions of dollars may not bring you financial freedom. With all the crazy things that are happening in the world today, having that money doesn’t guarantee anything.

I’m not going to talk about scrimping and saving every penny that comes your way, this is about becoming wealthy and creating your empire.

You need to decide to be a millionaire:

Weird right? So many people just say “I want to be a millionaire” or “I wish I has a million dollars” and that is the extent of the thought. Maybe they will think about all the junk that can be purchased with a million bucks. Start telling yourself, each and every day “I am worth a $1,000,000,000”

Stop thinking like a poor person:

There are trillions of dollars hanging around on our Planet. So, it’s not like there isn’t enough. You just need to get your hands on it. Most of us were brought up hearing “Eat all your dinner’ ‘there are starving people in China’  and the best ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees” That’s funny because if you are a tree trimmer it does LOL. My point being, a millionaire doesn’t think like that.

Become a millionaire

Make it a mission:

Being a self-made millionaire mustn’t be about the money. It has to be a passion. Know that there are going to be rough spots. The difference is, a millionaire doesn’t back down when things get tough, THEY STEP UP

Surround yourself with millionaires:

Here’s something funny I used to do when I hung out at night clubs in my single days. I always made decent money, not millionaire money at that point but enough to do this. I would always carry between $500-$1,000 around with me in $100 bills. In that stack I would keep a few $20 bills for the night. So when I pulled out my money, people would notice. For the longest time, people thought I was a “Millionaire” at 21 years of age. I walked the walk so to speak. I also hung out with the right people. Remember, it’s all about mindset.

Become a millionaire

Time is worth a million bucks:

Millionaires know that time is worth way more than money. Let’s face it, we all want stuff but if you don’t the time to enjoy that awesome stuff…who needs it?  Rich people hire people to do things for them to give them more time. Wouldn’t it be cool to hire someone to clean the house once a week for a couple hundred dollars a month? Think about what fun you could have and THAT IS OBTAINABLE.

Spending vs Investing:

We all know that it takes money to make money. I want you to think about this…your TV goes out, BAMMMM with a boom. What do you do? You go down to the electric dept store and you get yourself a nice flat screen for crying out loud!! That’s spending J Not saying not to do it but you can easily find $500-$750. That is spending. What the rich do is find a way to make it a tax deduction. That screen is being used as a “Presentation Screen”. Now it’s an investment for their company.

Another investment vs spending – Education. This is not an expenditure, this is an investment in yourself. Or purchasing advertisement software, again investment.

Last but not least – Create Multiple Streams of Income:

First off, there is always a back-up plan. The rich will create an income, get it going and start working on another. In other words, you start a J.O.B. and get your expenses under control. Once you start getting that money to create a surplus, you start investing in other money making opportunities. Say you had an extra $500 per month. Yes, I am sure that some of you could cut some stuff out for 6 months to a year (Super awesome TV package, Netflix, going out to eat, etc…) I know it’s a sacrifice but if you could afford to save and purchase an investment house for around $500 per month mortgage. That’s approx. $100,000 home. You now have a rental property that maybe you could rent out for $1,100 or so. Catch my drift?

It takes the mindset to Become a Millionaire

Anyone can do it…

It takes ACTION.

You must take action to make it happen. YES, there are risks but the rewards are out of this world.




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