How To Become A Better Marketing Leader – 3 Questions

3 Questions To Become A Better Marketing Leader


You have your own business, now what? Most companies will have a system in place for you to take part in. Is it a one size fits all type of system, of course not. It is, however, enough to get the ball rolling for you. The question that’s typically not answered… are you looking to brand yourself through the company or are you looking to brand you? Becoming a better marketing leader will take you from mid level to the high ranks of the industry.

It’s vital to Always remain a student. Once we feel as if we are full of enough knowledge, we are lost.
It’s also important to be sure we are asking ourselves the right questions.

Question #1: What Can I Immerse Myself In To Become A Better Marketing Leader?

Image result for ImmersionIn the marketing world, people are not joining companies, they’re joining you. In the beginning, you can place that on you being on fire. Passion and fire is a desirable leadership quality, however it will only take you so far. In order to be with your team, there are certain aspects of leadership that will be to your advantage.

Different Personalities. As individuals, we all think differently. We have different reasons for going bigger and not everyone is driven by the same thing. Understanding what drives your team is great. Here are a few drivers… Money, Winning, Helping others, Recognition and Feeling Part of a Team. Remember these when speaking with people on your team to know what to emphasize in your conversation.

Disputes. As you team grows, disputes are bound to happen. In the example above, we see how many different personalities there are. And that is a very basic list. Having the ability to step into a conversation to become the mediator is something takes patience and time. Take yourself and your own personal gain out of the circumstance. The idea is to save both people from leaving. It is business and they don’t have to be friends…just civil.

Question #2: How Can I Become More Valuable?

I believe you should earn your lists respect. Most, including my past self, grow a list and just expect them to hang around for the long run. Waiting on you to step up or to be ‘sold to’.Image result for Valuable

Being that you are a leader, stepping into the role…Increase your knowledge. Invest in yourself, implement and teach.

Create Results. Social proof is incredibly powerful. If you aren’t in action yet, get into action. Generate results to show what’s possible. There’s nothing worse than someone leading from the rear, pushing people into a realm that the teacher themselves have never stepped into. Let your story and results speak for themselves. Remember this quote:

Question #3: Am I Acting With Integrity?

How we act in private is just as important, if not more, than how we act in public. There is always someone watching. Being in a leadership position is not something to be taken lightly. You have the opportunity to impact hundreds to thousands of people with one message. You can be the one that saves someone’s life. At the same time, one action can cause those same people to lose faith in you and all they believe in. This sounds pretty drastic, I’ve seen it. The responsibility of a leader is tremendous. I know you have it in you!!

Bonus Question: Did I Serve Someone Today?

Get yourself out there and you’ll watch how powerful you are. Impact people with your success. It’s your time. Right now there’s someone waiting for you to Step Up!

With that time be Right Now?

“The Authentic Marketer”
Steve Krivda

Steve Krivda








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13 thoughts on “How To Become A Better Marketing Leader – 3 Questions

  1. Paul Bola

    In my opinion leadership quality can improve with time and experience. As a Serial Entrepreneur I can say a good follower can be a good leader.

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      True to that. We must always be a student 🙂

  2. Kenny Santos

    Great questions. The last 2 really hit home with me bro! Yes you must earn your audiences respect and also you must be acting in ways that are congruent with your values. If you bring value to an audience but it’s not on the same wave length as your passions and purpose then it really doesn’t contribute to your success and happiness. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Olivia Chance

    Great post, Steve! I totally agree – it’s vital to always remain a student. And those three questions are great questions to ask ourselves so we can become better marketing leaders.

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Right on Adrienne, thank you

  4. Julie Syl Kalungi

    As soon as I understood the importance of learning every blessed day and being open to learning my soul settled on the journey. I stopped Micro managing my team members, many of whom had stopped responding to my messages.

    It is amazing just how much things get better when we learn to listen, and to serve someone daily! Awesome Post Steve 🙂

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