Attraction Marketing Tricks | People Are Not Dollar Signs

Attraction Marketing Tricks

There is a certain dish network that has a commercial where it shows your friends and family with $100 bills as heads. What the heck? How offensive is this?

First, your friends are your friends. It’s cool to inform them about your TV provider but a money head isn’t the way to look at them.

The same goes with your Network Marketing company.

Attraction Marketing Tricks

I called this article Attraction Marketing Tricks for a reason. There aren’t any tricks to creating relationships. There are many network marketers that think like this and see only money in the people around them. This works but only for a short amount of time and will bring in initial cash but won’t get your that residual that you are looking for.

This is where Attraction Marketing comes in. You are attracting people to YOU, not just your company. Actually care about people.

What do you hear about the top income earners of NM companies? They are described caring, helpful, accommodating and all around awesome, right? That’s because they are “attractive” to people. You don’t just like people for no reason, you feel as if you are friends right away.

Here’s how it’s done. When you are talking to people, listen to them and care about what they are talking about. Remember, the only way you can help people is to know what they need help with. We, as human beings, tend to want to tell others about what is going on in our lives. If everyone does that, who the heck is going to listen? We as network marketers, have a solution to most people’s lives. What we need to do is understand what that person needs.

Do you know who else does this…a friend.

If you want to sky rocket your business into orbit, be cool to people. Understand what they are going through and try to help them. People aren’t dollar signs, this is what almost ruined Network Marketing. When you build relationships with people, your bank account will grow and grow. Not only will people gravitate to you but they will stay with you through thick and thin. Pretty cool right?


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  1. Kathleen

    Ebay Partner Network is another. I have tried Commission Junction and others such as Clickbank and came away dissapointed for having wasted so much time. I love this article, see people as people is something we all have to keep in close to our hearts

    1. admin Post author

      Awesome Kathleen Thank you

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