Attraction Marketing – The Secret

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Attraction Marketing – The Secret

I have pondered this for a long time now, the ins and out of prospecting, getting leads and how this whole new internet marketing and social marketing goes. It’s pretty funny, I have always been a marketer, I just didn’t really know. So when I got into multi-level marketing, years ago, it was natural for me to talk to people and help people solve their financial whoa’s. In essence, I had been practicing the arts of Attraction Marketing way before I… entered the network marketing arena.

Attraction Marketing meets the internet.

Offline, I am pretty good at showing people what I do and showing them how it can help them in numerous ways. I am a person that can be trusted, plus I have quite a bit of knowledge on how to talk to different types of personalities. When internet marketing came about, it threw a wrench into the works, so I thought.

Attraction Marketing-The Internet Vs Offline…Is there a difference?

Think about that for a minute. Is there a real difference? Let’s start with the most difficult.

Trust: That’s going to be the biggest hurdle you are going to have to jump over. There are so many things going around the internet right now, that Attraction Marketing is the only way to grow your business. AND I mean a sustainable, loyal downline. People may join your business but without loyalty and one heck of an amazing business, they won’t last long. They still need to join YOU. Building trust is essential. It will probably take a little longer to prove to your niche that you are the right one.

As far as everything else goes, there really isn’t a difference. You have to be attractive to others. You know, you have to “Give a crap” about what they are saying, LOL. Being sincere is very important when talking to people. They can smell you poo from a mile away so, if you are being naturally sincere about the conversation and your relationship with them, you are more than likely going to form a more loyal following in the industry.

Attracting Marketing and the Money

Yea, the money. Let’s be real here for a minute, we are in this industry to make money. BUT, thinking about the get rich quick or see dollar signs as faces when talking to is a recipe for disaster. Remember Karate Kid, the original? Mr. Miyagi had Daniel waxing cars and painting fences in the beginning, getting his basics down and in the end he became World Champ. Just like that scenario, you are planting your seeds and your legacy will catch up with you and your wealth will grow and happen when you least expect it. You are looking to build an empire of great people, you must be genuine, care about the people you are talking to. You help people, you put other people’s pains and struggles in a place where you can help and you will be a giant.

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“To your legacy”


Steve Krivda

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  3. sherman smith

    You hit it o the nail Steve. If you’re going to really care about other people and like people, you have to really like yourself. Simple but powerful rule. Thanks for sharing!

    1. admin Post author

      Very cool, thank you for sharing Sherman

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