Article Writing – Getting Behind Your Writing

article-writingArticle Writing – Getting Behind Your Writing


We all have a passion for something. You can usually tell when you are having a conversation with someone and they all of a sudden get louder, fidgety, sweaty and usually become a “Close Talker”. That’s the passion you need to tap into, when writing. Whatever your personality is, let that come out in your writing too. People know when you are trying to “Pull It Off” and let the article slip by. Article writing can be fun and you can reach a lot of people. You just need to stay on track and follow some simple guidelines


“Put your nose in the corner”

HAHA… You guessed it, we have two boys and that’s how we punish them. There is, however a more serious side of this sentence. When putting your point across to your audience, it’s a good idea to use restraint on your reader. Know that there is a chance that thousands of people are going to be reading your post. Stay away from rude, racist, accusatory, interrogative question, etc… Keep it fun so and don’t be so harsh, your readers will come back and read get more. You want to feel good after reading an article, not like someone that was punished for doing the wrong thing haha.


“Do it when you can”

This is actually, just as damaging. Basically, you are telling the reader to go ahead and do that task when they get around to it. We both know what that means, never gonna happen. This will also portray you as someone without conviction, power and leave little to be desired as a leader. It’s obvious that you aren’t going to be a drill sergeant but you will need to have a sense of accountability in your wording. There are times when this doesn’t apply but for the majority of the time, it’s right on.


“Large and in Charge”

This is where you want to be. Being inspirational, motivating and the ‘One in Charge’ shows that you are confident in what you are writing about. This shows that you value what you are sharing while maintaining respect with your reader. This will keep the reader’s attention throughout the article as well as increase your chances of getting a response…be it an opt-in, a purchase or even an email.


“The word Just

The word just is used to describe ‘a short time ago’ (He just bought a car) or ‘comparisons’ (He looks just like his brother) Both very good ways of using the word.

It’s when “Just” is used at a buffer. (Just take a quick look) or (Just take out the trash) While both may seem like decent uses of the word, they make the sentence into a plead for something, kind of like you are begging the reader to do something.

Chose your words wisely and use words that will support your writing with power. Looking at the examples above, removing the word doesn’t take away any meaning and it gives the sentence Power, all while showing off your article writing abilities.


“Use cool words”petrichor

Try to broaden your vocabulary. Break out the thesaurus and use cooler action verbs. In lieu of “talk about”, you might want to ‘correspond with someone’ or ‘clarify your position’. Go back through your writings, with this small bit of knowledge and you’ll see what I’m talkin’ bout. It’s the little tweeks in verbiage that will add emphasis where you want without sacrificing your overall message.


“Who’s reading this anyway”

By changing the point of view in your writing from first, second and third person, you can change the entire dynamics of the message. E.g. When someone is looking to make a change in their life towards excellence…. It get’s read through like with no identification to the sentence.  Try: When you are looking to make a change in your life towards excellence…  This is an automatic identification to one’s self as a reader. The dynamics change.

Also, by using examples of yourself, the reader will identify with you. E.g., When I was first starting out in so and so business, I would… That being said, don’t overdo it and make the article all about you (unless it’s an autobiography LOL) Having personal experiences added in will give you some credibility.


Above are some all pretty simple step to follow to add some of YOU to your articles, enough to take your article writing to the next level.

Happy Writing, see you on the next article.


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