Article Writing – When Time is Limited – 5 Easy Tips

Article WritingArticle Writing – When Time is Limited – 5 Easy Tips


You’ve had a long day at the office, you get home take the dog out, get dinner ready for you and the kids, clean up, put them in the shower, get them ready for bed, put them to bed and THEN you get to sit down and find some way of writing an article. Something that is readable, make sense and has some sort of grip on your readers.  Let’s face it, time or the lack of time, is a real bugger sometimes and an easy crutch to lean on to put it off to the next day.

Here are some Article Writing tips that will help you get it together  for your next article and “Add Time” to your day to be more productive.


Get It Done Now:

You open your inbox at your work station and it’s full of unread emails, instead of going through them, you go to Facebook. You get sucked in and before you know it, a couple of hours have gone by and your inbox is still full – in fact, it’s doubled in size. When you have a task, like going through emails, get it done now. Get through your tasks as they come in. This way, as they messages roll in, you answer them quick and move on. Make decisions quick on your responses and get them out. You’ll won’t feel so overwhelmed and your stress levels will drop, letting you think more clearly.


It’s Okay If It’s Not Perfect:

HAHA, can I you believe you just read that? Salvador Dali said it perfect: “Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it”

So many times we get caught up in writing the perfect article. When writing, the important thing is to get your message across. Yes, you want to keep people’s attention but, if you are spending hours on end writing you’ll burn out easy and walk away from the article. The art of article writing is best when you pretend you are talking to someone. That way it comes out natural.


Delegating Tasks:

Phew, this is a tough one. I have always gone by the “I can do it better myself and quicker”. That’s all well and good for those who have the time but, that’s not what this article is about. It’s okay to send someone to another person on your team and even have them Google it. You don’t have to be the person with all the answers.



As I stated in the very first paragraph, we quickly cram as much stuff in our day as possible. This happens to me constantly. Besides our family obligations, we also have our business obligations. Here’s what has worked best for me. Once you are finished with the family tasks, you sit down at your computer and start opening those emails, webinar reminders and E-Books. Evaluate what is most important. Basically, if what you are reading or watching isn’t bringing value to what your are doing…put them aside. Take care of your immediate/short term goals. This will eliminate hours per week on “Stuff” that isn’t an immediate concern.


It’s Okay To Say No:

Over the past year, I have built a nice size team. I have told all of them and I mean it, that I have an open door policy. What most new leaders don’t understand is, that doesn’t mean that you are available 24/7. Sometimes, you have to let the call go to voicemail or let the email go unanswered to the next day. Better yet, let the question go to another team mate.

It’s also okay to have set hours when you are available. This will also, let give your team mates the chance to find the answers for themselves, grooming them to be leaders on their own. Pretty cool right there.


Article writing can be fun and allow you to reach out and help a lot of people but, you have to have fun doing it. As you have probably become aware, by reading this article, there are many ways to find more time to do your money producing activities. You can take a look at your day and week and find all kinds of places you can save time.


BONUS TIP: Get a piece of paper and draw a grid on it. Put Monday-Sunday across the top. Down the left side of the sheet, start a grid of 30 minute times in boxes. Fill them in as you go through your day. It’s cool, I did it and it was GREATLY beneficial.

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“To your legacy”


Steve Krivda


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