Article Writing Format

Article Writing Format

Disclaimer here, I am not an English teach or professor…I am a guy who took a liking to writing articles and went with it J

Article Writing Format and You

There are lots of reason people write articles. Some people just like to get things off of their chest. Some write to inform others on a “How To”. Some are using article writing as Article Marketing to create leads. Heck, some people just like to write.

When writing an article, you are going to want to chose a topic that you know something about. This will help you with your content and cut down on your research time. It’s a good idea to make some notes on the subject they decided to write about. This will ensure that your article will flow better for the reader. How many times have you read an article and about half way through you are lost? Notes and structure will help with this.

Start with a decent lead in paragraph, about 2-3 sentences. This will catch the readers eye and interest so, they will want to continue reading. In Google search, this is most likely what the reader will see when they are doing a search on your topic. Boogers and Buttpaste. See what I mean, LOL. That got your attention.

Article Writing Format and Length

Most readers today have limited time to spend reading articles. Try your best to keep it short and to the point. Dragging the article on and on and on and on and on will cause the reader to click “Back” and find another article. I would suggest 400-500 words at best.

Article Writing Format and the Visual Appeal

As the title states, you want the article to be visually appealing. Writing your article without spacing your sentences out is just hard to read. What I am saying is, separate with paragraphs. Another good idea is to use pictures or videos to accent your article. Bold, italic and underlined words also help and make the words pop.

Article Writing Format and Punctuation

Not all but some people are pretty critical of punctuation. Me, I could care less, as long as the article has good content, I’m cool. But for those who are concerned, here are some pretty cool rules to follow.

Spacing after punctuation. You only need one space after an punctuation mark. It doesn’t matter if it’s a period, exclamation point, question mark, colon, coma, etc…

Excessive punctuation. Though popular, it isn’t necessary. People know what you are making a point by your writing!!!!!!! LOL

Does it belong inside or outside the quotes? A period and coma go inside the quotes.  Putting a space in front of or after a coma/period is a no no.

The “…” is only 3 dots.

Dashes are cool. When using them, use two in a row. Like –

Hypens do not get a space before or after. Ex. Ninety-Nine

A question mark is only used in a direct question. “Can I get you to do this?”

Periods. When a period is used in an abbreviation and it is at the end of the sentence, there is no need to another.

Article Writing Format the Closing.

Create a closing to your article so the reader knows it is ending. Keep it 2-3 sentences. This is your recap of your article. Pretty easy stuff once you have the information you need, you create your format, get your pictures/videos together and make it look “Pretty”. You may even find that you like writing articles haha.

Article writing and article marketing are great tools for increasing your lead base. If you don’t understand article marketing, you will never get anyone to see let alone read your articles.

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