Another Gold Coin Giveaway Contest

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Another Gold Coin Giveaway Contest

The latest contest is every month, where we can win Gold in our Gold Coin Giveaway Contest.

My company Numis Network has contests all the time. Seriously, check this out. Every Month we get our MS70 Govt Issued Coin and with that coin, we receive a booklet called “Family Fun Time”. This is such an important thing for families these days. With the economic times we are and have been facing these past years, our families have gotten away from saving / collecting assets and teaching the importance of it. The sad truth is that we AREN’T saving. It’s better than it was but we still have a long way to go. And what place better to start than with our children.  Just by being in The Numis Silver Premiere Program, you are automatically increasing your Net Worth, every month. “Family Fun Time” brings that family value to your children. Short geography lesson from the region of you “World Coin”, the history of the coin itself, word searches and more. You are teaching your children about the value of Collecting Assets all, while spending time to spend with your children.

Back to the Gold Coin Giveaway Contest:

Every month Numis has a contest and the prize is a Graded Gold Coin. We put together a video, starring your boys and/or girls, with the World Coin of the Month being mentioned or a cool picture of your kids holding the World Coin of the Month and submit it to the contest. 6

Below is the video we put together with our two little boys: Andrew 4 and Tyler 2.

Hope you enjoyed our little production. To learn more about Collecting Assets, Increasing your Net Worth and more importantly, spending more Quality Time with YOUR little boy or little girl.


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“To your legacy”


Steve Krivda

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  1. jackmuss@Gold Coins Atlanta

    I have always been a collector myself different things at different points in my life from baseball cards, star wars figures, to paper money and coins, and now I collect and teach others to collect certified and graded modern issue silver and gold coins and make money doing it. I am looking for a few more people to mentor and who want to improve their life and situation, not only financially but through personal development as well.

    1. admin Post author

      Awesome Jack, how can you beat it?
      Thanks for the post

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