Andy Atsugah

11-17-17 #2 of #5

Created Survey Video Page
Created Survey
Create FB Page

Goal: Helping people build themselves to create success.

Sales and Marketing:
7 Modules
Followed up with 7 Phone Calls –  (30 Minutes)

$997 includes first month of MLSP Mastery
Better Option $1,499 Coaching Modules… MLSP Mastery for 1 year
$247 2 hour Consultation

Content Around:
3-4 Topics around Target Market Training
Get Comfortable with Consultative Selling
Objection Handling Training
Closing Training

Giveaway Objection Handling PDF with Video – Close More Sales Today

Create Giveaway
Start Doing Lives around above ideas with CTA – Giveaway OH PDF –
Start working on Modules

Next Session Webinars

11-06-17 #1 of #5

Build: On Facebook – Lives/Posting Fun, inspirational and educational to your target market

Engage: Facebook Lives, FB Group, Email List

Sell: Sessions of Sales & Marketing Course 4-6 weeks $997?
Includes: Branding Video / Blog Program & Where people see content & Seo / Attraction Marketing
Explain The Parameters.

1. Target Market Training
2. Brand Message Training
3. Blogging Training per above
4. Optimizing Social Media
5. Where to Find People in Your Market
6. Objection Handling Training
7. Closing Training

Increase income range:Increase to $35k to $55k plus

Who needs Andy’s Sales and Marketing Knowledge
~Currently has Network Marketers and Direct Sales
~Self Employed

Where to find people
Asking for the sale
Objection Handling

Build FanPage: 792 people like this

Move people to FB Group Page: Private Group to add for free LEADING TO PAID GROUP
Light and fluffy content to add to group
Sales Training
Mindset Training
Light Closing
Light Objection Handling

Check the above HUB to see if Cold Market Prospecting is Included
Create Survey – Create Pretty Link to forward to Survey
Create FB Group – Create Pretty Link to forward to Facebook Group
Create Intro Video for Group
Create Curriculum
Facebook Lives to bring Andy out and emerge into sales trainer

Email your list… Hey Name, Hope you’ve had a great weekend and your Monday has been prosperous.
I just wanted to let you know that I’ve created a Sales and Marketing F.Ree Facebook Group. It’s private, if you’d like access, message back here.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Speak soon