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cabo-san-lucas Affordable Travel Club

For the last six or so years the economy has kept people from traveling. Turn back the clock for yourself to around 2004. If you were like us, we were taking a couple cruises a year. We had stay at home vacations a couple times a year and just had a great time.

You see, we got married in 2004 but had been together since 2001. We would go anywhere and everywhere, any time we want. We were making a ton of money with our family business and loved to  spend it.

Affordable Travel Club

You may have noticed that we went through a bump in the economy. Traveling stopped, pretty much all over the World. We live in Southwest Florida and we watched the tourism come to, almost a complete stop. I will admit, as optimistic as I am, I was a little concerned. We stopped traveling, stopped going out to eat… pretty much stopped doing everything and that’s not us.

We saved and saved and made it through the down turn. Now that we are coming out the other side, we are a little more “Thrifty” than we were before. So, I went on a search to find a way to travel to great places for great prices.

Here is what I found. The company we found has some major perks.

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