Action Steps For New Recruits

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So you’re prospecting like mad and you get down to your person getting ready to say yes…and THEY DO! HaHa, now what? This is actually quite common. As confident as we are that this network marketing is the only way to go, we are always surprised when those first few people say yes.

What to do with your New Recruits.

First off, don’t freak out. What you’re going through right now is pretty common. We all go through those times of wondering what to do, questioning everything.
In other words, you’re in good company.

In the video below, I address why we go through that self sabotage and how you can simply get right by it with some Simple Action Steps.

New Recruits

It’s astounding what we do to ourselves. Like I said above, it’s normal. It’s what we do from there. If you are looking for a simple system to follow this is my primary company, I would be happy to connect with you.

“Because You’re Worth It”

Steve Krivda

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