ACN – The Real Deal? ACN Review

 ACN Review

ACN provides essential home services that people need and use every day, including digital phone service, video phones, local and long distance calling, Internet, wireless, satellite TV, home security, computer support and energy.

If you are reading this, it’s most likely because you have heard of ACN or you are looking at it as an opportunity . Please note, that I am not an ACN representative, so now you can feel better that you will be getting a true third party view on the company.

ACN is known to be Network Marketing company that has been around since 1993. Based in Farmington Hills in Michigan and spread throughout several countries all over the world. ACN provides services ranging from satellite TV, home security, cell phone services and among others. This allows ACN to service a wide range of customers.

ACN offers high speed Internet at very reasonable costs.  Their DSL providers include Covad, Qwest and Verizon.

ACN Review

They also provide digital phone services for video phones. ACN not only provides video phone services but ordinary phones as well, along with long distance services, reaching an even bigger market.

ACN can also offer satellite TV services that can truly provided optimum entertainment experience for different customers. It must be known then that the company is just a reseller in this case. ACN is now working hand in hand with huge satellite companies which are Direct TV and even Dish Network.

ACN also works with ADT, a Home security service, one of the leading companies when it comes to home security, in providing the services to such customers.

As you can see, ACN definitely prove that the company is truly able to provide various services to support the different needs of the people.


ACN Review:

The ACN start kit cost $ 499 then you will be entitle to the compensation plan. When you become an ACN representative you can get paid by two different ways. You get paid a percentage of the sales you personally make  on the products and a percentage of sales of your team. You also get paid a bonus according to the number of new representative that join your team and that include new reps brought by some-one in your downline during the month.

My Take on ACN

I believe ACN  is a credible company with quality products and a solid business opportunity. The ACN leadership in place is good, it has quality products that everyone uses every days and a fair compensation plan. I don’t know about you but, bother my friends and family about my “Newest Home Business” is not going to be the most pleasant thing on my list of things to do. You need leads and a system to help generate quality leads. My recommendation is that you use a proven Attraction Marketing system that allows you to brand yourself, generate leads, make money from an additional income stream even when people don’t join your company.

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