Achieve Goals In 2016 – All Your Goals

Achieve All Your Goals For 2016
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Around the last week of December is when we start feeling the tug that we need to make a change. It could be those extra pounds that suddenly appeared  over the last 45 days. It could be that you took some time off around the holidays. Or it could be that you’re waiting for that “Right Time” to hit the ground running. In all cases, January 1st is Your Time.

Have you put together goals for yourself, in the past that weren’t met? Maybe you had the same feeling this December/January that you had last year and said something like “This Time” it’s going to be different.

Is it going to be different? Of course it is but, how? I know you have passion and I know that you feel that this is your time…If nothing changes from last year, nothing’s going to change. Typically it’s this one thing that can either keep you where you are or Launch You To Where You Deserve. In the Video Below, I share this one thing.

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“Because You’re Worth It”
Steve Krivda

Steve Krivda








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7 thoughts on “Achieve Goals In 2016 – All Your Goals

  1. Lisa Thompson

    Wow Steven – you gave me a lot of think about on this video! Looking at my goals differently after watching this video

  2. Nuno

    Thanks for sharing such great value on goal setting. Great value

  3. Liz English

    You have given me something to think about, I always write down my goals I haven't added in my actions, I don't need to lose weight but maybe if I tracked my actions on what I did or didn't eat to gain weight might help Thank You for Sharing Steven C. Krivda

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