A Review of Numis Network

Numis Network Review

There has been a lot of buzz about a Gold and Silver company called Numis Network. Interestingly enough, Numis Network is the only one of its kind. So, let’s dive in and get dirty.

Numis Network launched in August of 2009 by the creators Ian Cordell, Chris Kent and Jake Kevorkian. These guys teamed up with Mike Mezack. Over Mike’s career, he has produced sales in excess of one billion dollars, and is regarded as the greatest numismatic salesman in the world. Pretty good start. The three owners have over 10 years experience from creating hundreds of compensation plans for other network marketing companies (a plus) to being recruiting over 100,000 reps and going on to owning that company.

Numis Network Review.

The product: The main product for the company is the MS70 Silver Eagle. In case you aren’t familiar with what MS70 means, here you go. The MS stands for Mint State and is the state of the coin. It is graded on the Sheldon Scale. The Sheldon Scale is a 70-point scale for grading coins, developed by Dr. William Sheldon in 1949. As you can see the MS70 Coins are perfect Mint State.

Numis Network Review.

How does it work?  There are many ways to create an income with Numis Network. One is where you recruit someone into your opportunity. This will create a $100 Fast Track bonus for you, each and every time you recruit someone. Once you become a 3 Star, which is recruiting 3 people, you become qualified to receive a $100 Fast Track bonus on your 4th person through infinity of course but you also receive a $100 Fast Track bonus on their first three and their first three and their first and so on and so on. That is called the Matching Bonus plan. That is def. a plus. There is the retail commissions you receive since you also get your coins at a 18% to 20% discount and can sell them from there. Here is the list of ways to get paid.

  Retail Commissions

  Preferred Customer Sales Bonus

  $100 Fast Track Bonus

  Silver Eagle Bonus Pool

  Rank Advancement Bonus – $100 up to $50,000

  Matching Rank Advancement Bonus – $100 up to $50,000

  Binary Pay – 10% up to 12%

  Matching Bonus on Binary Pay – from 5% up to 40%

  Matching $100 Legacy Bonus – paid to infinity

  Matching $50 Foundation Bonus – paid to infinity

  Matching $20 Satellite Bonus – paid to infinity

  Shares in Fast Track Leadership Pool

  Silver BMW Executive Automobile Award

  Luxury Incentive Award Trips


Numis Network Review.

A couple of pluses with Numis Network. You don’t have to taste it, smell it, touch it or have your doctor sign off on it to take. It’s Gold and Silver, it’s pretty safe to say that most people know what it is and nobody is offended by it. In any network marketing company of any substance, you are going to have an autoship, it’s cool that you have Gold and Silver as your monthly shipment. You can pass this product down throughout your family as an heirloom, you can give it as gifts or keep them and have an ASSET for yourself. Any Network Marketing has a product you purchase, it’s cool to get an asset.

Numis Network Review.

So what’s the downside? The price to purchase your own Gold and Silver company it’s $495.00. At first, I thought…AHAAA. I found the downside to this. BUT I didn’t.

For the $495.00 Price Tag, you get the following: MS70 Silver Coin, Graded Coin Attaché Collector’s Case, The ‘Coins Are Cool’ DVD Series, Free Coin Grading Certificate, Personally Customized Forever Crystal, Special Preferred Pricing, Numis Portfolio, Numisnetwork.com/sit  (your business website), Shopnumis.com/site (you gold and silver shopping site), Numisone.com/site (your very own atuoresponder) Numis Online Marketing System, Back Office Business Center, Quickstart Guide and your Star Builder Training System. All and all, a pretty good deal LOL.  There is a $9.95 per month for your websites / upkeep. And of course, your MS70 Silver Eagle that you purchase each month as an ASSET for just over $100. That’s pretty awesome.

Compile what you get for the money and the massive ways to get paid.

You can easliy see why some of the biggest names in Network Marketing are in Numis Network, including Ray Higdon, David Wood, Burke Hedges, Chris Piraldi, Erwin McKen, Michelle Pescosolido, Dave Lovett, Diane Hochman, etc… the list goes on and on.

I would say my Numis Network Review is a success for Numis Network and I would give it a ++


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“To your legacy”


Steve Krivda



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