7 Steps To Achieving Major Goals

Achieving Major Goals


First I want to acknowledge your coming by today. Most of us accomplishment small goals each day but, when it comes to the big stuff, we tend to get ‘overwhelmed’. We seem to allow, while feeling justified, excuses get in the way of bringing them to reality. Today’s post, we bring 7 steps achieving major goals. These can be used in any area of life.
Want to stay on track? Read on…

Step 1: Is It About You?
Knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing, is more than just wanting more money, losing weight, being happier, etc…

Typically a ‘why’ is brought about the want to be around longer for your children and family. Maybe it’s getting out of debt or retiring your spouse. While these are great, they’re not enough.

Grab a pen/pencil and paper and write down your why. Do this before you read any further, there are steps to this exercise.

Let’s get a little deeper. There’s a simple phrase/question that I want you to ask yourself

You are going to take yourself to an emotional state. It’s different for everyone. There are several emotions that come up. Tears, laughter, a big sigh, you’ll drift off to your future… you’ll know it when it comes. What you’re going through right now, is seeing and feeling your future as it is about to become a reality.

Now Write That Down and Visit It Each and Every Day.

Step 2: Understanding The Risks
Is this goal achievable? What are the risks and are they worth it? Can I minimize these risks?

It’s obvious that becoming an entrepreneur, running a marathon, entering into a relationship has it’s risks. There’s going to be a financial investment for all of these, be prepared for that. A time investment that’s going to involve the people around, be sure to speak to your family / friends to prepare them. For the relationship, it’s your heart.

You’ll want to weigh up these risks according to what your achieved goals are going to present back to you. Sometimes, it will take a gradual step by step process. The biggest thing to take away from this… Are My Dreams Worth It?

Step 3: Coach, Mentor, Course, Book
Any time we are looking to step into a realm that you’re not familiar with, it’s not recommended to do it alone. Unless you’re satisfied with moving slow and painful.

If you need to start with a well researched book, that’s fine. This will put you on a better path, it just means that you’ll need to read and educate yourself prior to taking action.
A paid for course is typically quicker. More value and content.

With the two above choices, you’ll have a generic plan that you’ll need to design around your needs and goals.

What I recommend. If you are looking to shed inches and pounds quickly, speak to a personal trainer to bring you the fastest results, specifically designed for you. They will keep you on task and hold you accountable to your day to day & week to week tasks. Essentially, you have a significantly higher rate of success.
Same scenario with entrepreneurship and/or home business ownership. You have the choice of how long your journey is, according to the direction you decide. If you’re looking to see if you are a fit for coaching in this arena, visit SteveKrivda.com/Consult

Step 4: Being Prepared For The Inevitable
Failure, though seemingly a dirty word, is not. If you are running towards your goals, you’ll trip from time to time.

In fact, failure is an absolute in achieving major goals. If you’re not, you’re simply not trying hard enough. As long as you are prepared for this, you’re in good shape. Yes, it’s disappointing. Yes, it hurts.

The greatest thing about failing, it allows you to re-assess your journey to make the necessary adjustments to bigger and faster results. If being a champion was easy , everyone would be a champion.

Step 5: Spending Time On You
In step 1, we discussed your ‘why’ and touched upon your ‘vision’. What most would say is “I already have my vision”

Visiting your vision each and every day is vital to your success. Visualize your future self in meditation. See it as though it is real. When you do, it becomes real in your mind. As this happens, it transforms into your future reality.

Daily Affirmations: Quick short bursts of positive emotion and energy. Said at morning and at night before sleep, minimum.



Step 6: Bring Your Family and Friends To Your Vision
I am sure you can admit, most things are easier if the people in your life are on board with you. 

Losing weight? While it’s important to be sympathetic to other’s eating habit, it would be good to have the reciprocated. If your friends and family are not willing to work with you on this path, you have to choices. You can accept it as reality and keep your focus on your goals and vision. OR… you can choose to eat at your own time. 
Same scenario goes with alcohol. 

Entrepreneurs. If you haven’t, it’s a good idea to bring your family and close friends in on your vision. You’re focused in on a certain outcome and it’s going to take time. You want them on board to understand the journey your are looking to uptake. It will save relationships. Give short term timelines of what you’re looking to accomplish. Reward your family for sticking through it with you, ice cream night, movie night, date night, anything to . They’ll love you for it. 

Step 7: Get Started
Goal setter: Where do I start?
Answer: Here and Now!
Most will use the reason for not moving. “I don’t know what to do”
Start with the end in mind. Back track from that point. Understand who you need to become in order to bring the End To The Now…

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