6 Tips to Create Content Effortlessly For Your Video And Article Marketing Campaign

6 Tips to Create Content Effortlessly For Your Video And Article Marketing Campaign

There is so much content being spewed on to the internet every day that it is seriously out of control. People are just writing to write. They want to draw an income but it is apparent that they don’t know how.

Before I show you how easy it is to create content, you need to find your Niche.

Don’t post anything until you know who you are targeting. Your niche can be, stay at home moms, dads, the unemployed, struggling network marketers, etc… Just find someone to target.

Here are 6 tips that I use to create content for my articles and videos.

*Ask fellow marketers “What’s your biggest obstacle”

This is pretty big. Network Marketers either tell you how awesome everything is complain about how hard it is. Either way – tons of content.

*Snoop around network marketing chat rooms.

These are pretty good places because people feel confident and loose in these groups. What’s cool is someone will post an issue and another will answer. There’s your content LOL

*Subscribe to other network marketer’s blogs.

First thing, get a separate email address for these, as you will get a bunch of spam. But you will get TONS of content. Read the training you will get and put out your own spin or direction on what you learned, easy.

*Use Google to ask questions.

To create content, you have know what you are talking about…Google it. That’s it for this one LOL You can also use Google to find the answers to the questions asked in tip #1.

*Go to local book store and pick up a network marketing book (generating leads)

Pick up a network marketing book from Jim Rohn or Zig Ziglar and start reading, take notes or actually purchase the book. Endless amounts of content. These places are great for prospecting too.

*Go on Facebook and look at your competition and what they are doing.

Basically, you are going to study the wealthy and successful. Do what they do, interact with them, study them and repeat. If you want to be successful, wealthy and rich, do what the successful do, what wealthy do and what the rich do.

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