5 Ways To Become A Network Marketing Failure

5 Ways To Become A Network Marketing Failure

I just watched a movie called “A Dolphin Tale” with my wife and two young boys. This is a pretty inspirational movie as it touches upon the power of our own mind, whether you are a human being or a dolphin.

Journey #1 towards Network Marketing Failure.

Join and promote your company with “HYPE”. Anytime you get involve with “Hype”, you are setting yourself up for failure. This goes for you and your new team member. You (or they) get involved with a company with the suggestion or promise of getting rich with little to know effort. You get in with all this excitement and before you know it, you realize that this may take a little more effort than just signing up and thinking people are going to run to you. You get discouraged and eventually you quit.

Journey #2 towards Network Marketing Failure.

Remembering “Why” you joined a network marketing company in the first place. Most people join a NM company for a reason. Maybe they want more time, quit their job or just love the product. When you have a good “Why” you need to remember it. My “Why” is my children. Of course I see my two little boys around my house all the time but I have a picture of them in my office as well. They remind me why I work the way I do and why I don’t sit in front of the television all day and night. They are the reason I wake up every day and do what I do.

Journey #3 towards Network Marketing Failure.

Dishonesty. Lots of people are quite dishonest when it comes to any business. Similar to the “Hype” example above, you stroke people’s ego with the promise of being rich. The promise of showing them how to get 10 people in the first week, etc… They look at making a quick buck and lose sight of the big picture. Network Marketing is all about making that residual check each month. Building an empire takes integrity and consistency. Once you lose site and start being dishonest with people to make fast cash, word will travel fast. With the internet age, everyone will know to stay away from you. Honesty is the best policy.

Journey #4 towards Network Marketing Failure.

You become an MLM Jumper. This means you are in the new flavor of the month or you go from NM company to NM company. Whatever you think is hot, you jump ship and leave whatever team you were building behind. OR you do too many NM companies at once. These go hand in hand as people like to see consistency and reliability in their leaders. Nobody will follow a shady character. This goes for your Primary Network Marketing Company. This does not apply to affiliate marketing companies, in my opinion. As affiliate marketing companies are used to AID your primary Network Marketing Company.

Journey #5 towards Network Marketing Failure.

I saved this one for last…EXCUSES! That is one sorry word. Think about this, how many times did you make up excuses today, not to do something. “I’ll do it tomorrow” “There’s something good on TV, will get it done afterwards” “I have a tummy ache” “I have to poop” “I have to wash the car” “Wash my hair” you get the point haha. We all make excuses from time to time but when it gets in YOUR way of SUCCESS, it becomes a problem. Remember your “Why” and no excuse will ever get in the way.

Back to the movie “A Dolphin Tale”. The young boy in the movie wouldn’t take NO for an answer. HE was the reason the Dolphin “Winter” survived, HE is the reason Winter kept her home and HE is the reason Winter has her tail. Through persistence, not accepting NO for an answer and keeping his eyes on the final goal and that is SUCCESS.

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Steve Krivda