5 Steps To Create Affirmations

How To Create Affirmations
how to create affirmations


When I first heard of doing or reading affirmations aloud, I thought it was crazy. Even when I created a couple, I felt down right silly. Then someone told me that I talk to myself all day anyway, why not feed myself with something positive and gratitude.
Most of us are pretty rough on ourselves, especially when it comes to self growth. How we start our day directly affects the entire 24 hours. 

Step 1: What Do You Want
Most of us want a better life but we aren’t too specific. Maybe you want more love, more successful business, better health, etc… Money and ‘stuff’ is cool. What really makes a difference is what that money will bring to you and how we see money. Be specific.

Step 2: Why You Want It
This is important. The answer of “I just want to go bigger” or “More money would help so much” isn’t enough. To give my family what they deserve. To show my kids the world. To finally have someone love me as much as I can love someone back. Get deep on yourself.

Step 3: Whom Are You Committed To Becoming
For most of us, we are where we are because of the person we are. Please understand, there is nothing wrong with who we are at this point. If we want change in our lives, we need to make a change. If we want something bigger, we need to become bigger.

Step 4: What Are You Willing To Do
Be specific on the actions you’re willing to and going to take. Reading more powerful literature, eating better, exercising more, stretching your mind more, etc… Also, be realistic! If you’ve been to the gym, starting a regimen of 5 days a week, 2 hours a day won’t last. Be gradual so you are able to stay consistent.   

Step 5: Add Inspirational Quotes and Philosophies
Not just any quotes but quotes that pertain to you and who you want to become.
“I am the greatest” Something Ali said over and over again. He said it so much, he believed it. As he believed it, he trained like it. He become “The Greatest” And You Can Too!

When creating your own affirmations, the key is to have emotion in them. Without emotion, it becomes mindless chatter and something that you will follow like a sheep. These have to mean something to you. You will want to shout them to the hills no matter who is around. 

I would love to hear some of your favorite affirmations. Comment them below and have an awesome day.

“Because You’re Worth It”
Steve Krivda

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