5 Core Elements To A Profitable Online Business

Build A Profitable Online Business


I remember when I started my own business. I told everyone I knew about it… It might not have been the right way but I got the word out. Basically, I sent the following message to each and every Facebook email. I actually printed out my Facebook list. Here’s how it went.

Hey {Name}
Hope you’re doing well. Reflecting on our friendship, I realize that we have lots in common. I recently started to work with {X} product. It’s been quite lucrative and it would be a shame if I didn’t send you this. EnterLinkHere.com << See the information here and write me back with any questions. 

I don’t think I need to say this… However, out of (at the time) over 2,000 people, I didn’t receive one response. This was 2011.

Fast forward to today, things are different. I started following those that were creating success. Not just the money aspect of success, the impact aspect of success. 
Please don’t get me wrong, increasing my income has brought me home to my family given us some great vacations, memories and togetherness in our family. However, this isn’t possible without making an impact on a community. Make the decision right now to start Bringing You to the community that’s been waiting on you. 

Below, I have outlined the 5 Core Elements to a profitable online business

You are a valuable person. You have knowledge that others don’t have. The misconception that most have is their own value. You need to be a step or two ahead of your audience. This means you’ll need to continue to educate. That’s where your content comes from.

Blog, Articles, Guest Posts:
Creating a blog can be an arduous task, however, this is your education hub. This is where you create your authority. 

What if I don’t like to write? That’s simple. Create content around topics that you have passion behind and watch the words fly. I’ll talk at the end more about content and capturing their information.  I talk about a high quality blog here (SteveKrivda.com/Blog)

Videos, YouTube and Facebook Live:
Video is not a monster. Video creates an instant connection with your audience. For the most part, the true you comes out. Where your true self comes out, is live. The fastest way to connect with your audience is through video. 

YouTube Lead-Gen Video and PDF Here

Facebook, Instagram, Social Media
Posting on social media is an arena I see that could use a little help. I’m going to spend too much time here. I’ll say this. Please do not post your product name, logo, link, etc… on your profiles. Not because it can be done in bad taste or that it can make your profile look like a billboard/commercial. Your prospects will Google your company, find (anything) negative and tell you that what you’re doing is a scam. 

Create curiosty to reach people where there are. Have them reach out to you and have a conversation. 

Podcast, Audio
These platforms will need a little more promotion, similar to what you would do for you blog/videos. This platform is to give Pure Value! Simple stuff, you can start with FreeConferencing.com 

Webinars, Teleseminars
This is obvious next level stuff. I recently created a post on Selling on Webinars where I lay out creating your webinar, the time spent on each segment and how to segway into selling. Don’t worry, I also speak on getting past the ‘uncomfortable’ phase. 

Since we are speaking on branding and growing a profitable online business. It’s might be a good idea to talk about traffic and what to do with that traffic. 

  1. Lead generation
    The ability to bring traffic from one source to another. This can be done with Paid Ads,Creating content with the intention of it landing on the first page of Google/YouTube and using a Social Media platform to name a few. The idea is to give a product away in exchange for someone’s contact information.
    Similar to the free giveaway information you see in the image to right here.
  2. Follow up
    The ability to follow up with your prospective customer is crucial. Have you been on a website shopping and the next thing you know, you see that very same object in your Facebook newsfeed? That’s a form of tracking follow up. Another form of follow up is a simple phone call or text.
    A more efficiant way of follow up would be through an email service or CRM
  3. Monetizing Strategy
    All this means is, you have provided value to your audience aka list, become the authority in your niche as someone people trust. When you come across or maybe you have something available now, that you can offer, sell it to your audience. This is the best way to serve your audience. We do this every day as we buy merchandise from a brand or person we trust. Be that person and serve.
  4. Traffic
    As we spoke of before in the Lead Generation section. This is a section that deserves it’s on conversation. You’ll need to know you’re ideal target market. Here are some questions that will help you find who you are talking to.
    Demographics: Age, Married, Children (and their ages), Locations, Occupation and Income
    Their Goals and Desires
    What Their Challenges May Be
    Their Values
    What Is Causing Pain In Their Life Right Now
    What Objections They May Be Given For Not Obtaining What They Want
    Where They Go For Their Information

This is no easy task to take on your own and has a timeline to it. What I would suggest is speaking with someone that could help. If I am someone you feel comfortable having that conversation with. Know that I am a certified social media and marketing coach that has helped many others increase their incomes, generate their first leads and reach company ranks.
You can simple reach me at SteveKrivda.com/FreeConsult

Get Value? Comment below. Would love to hear what you have to say or add. Speak soon.

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