4 Tips on Becoming a Leader

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4 Tips on Becoming a Leader

When I was growing up, I was always taught that you had to earn your way to the top, nothing was given to you and you earned respect…you couldn’t demand it. That is a mantra that I have tried to follow throughout my lifetime (So far). Even in pretend land with my friends, we still “voted” the king, quarterback, pitcher or whatever we were doing at the time.

Today, there are a lot of self-proclaimed leaders out in internet land. So many, that it’s hard to keep track of them all. You don’t have to vet whether or not they are true leaders, you can just look at how they act.

I am listening to an audio right now that is explaining the human thought process works. Essentially, if you want to be something or someone then you have to live it, feel and breathe it. What I am saying is, you can’t just say you are a leader you actually have to be one, regardless of what income you are making. Trust me, there are many people in our industry making a lot of money, that just aren’t leaders at all.

Here are my 4 Tips on Becoming a Leader

Study the leaders in your niche or market.

See where they came from in life. This is usually important to their personal growth. It doesn’t mean you have to be from a crazy background, it just means that they overcame odds.

What are they doing with and for the people around them, is this something you can do?

Check out the way they walk, talk and how they carry themselves. Then look at the way you do the same. There is a way a true leader “Projects” themselves…mirror that.

This is a good one, ask them where they draw their confidence, what is their “Why”. Most of the time you can figure that out by reading their blog and whatnot but having a conversation with them will not only let you hear but feel what they are saying. All of this is for your education only. Your are not judging just see what makes them tick. Before they were leaders, they were just like you.


Masterminding with people that have more or different skills that you.

This is a very important part of your career. First, there is no reason to let your partner know they are smarter than you LOL. Just roll with it.

Mastermind meetings are great for brainstorming. A lot of times, these meetings will spark some pretty cool ideas from all parties involved.

This will help with increasing your confidence and keep you motivated. You can bring your ideas to your team as their leader.


Get inspired and be inspiration.

Take time out of your busy lifestyle to read or listen to Self-Development books. You might think you don’t need “That Stuff” but, you are here reading this for tips.

Be positive and inspirational to others. Use what you learned in the above mentioned book(s) you just read. Most people, if you acknowledge then, are happy to be noticed. It’s not a bad idea to be subscribed to an inspirational website in the beginning. Give people nuggets of a good message as much as you can. They will start looking forward to reading and hearing about what you have to say.

It’s okay to tell someone that you are proud of them and their accomplishments.


Take Action and Act like a leader.

Be positive, this is a no brainer. Keep all the complaining to a minimum. Nobody wants to hear a whiner.

As mentioned above, be inspirational  to others and give a good “Attaboy” when appropriate. Show support to people that are working hard to achieve their goals <<That’s just cool.

If someone is asking for help on a subject that you know about, don’t be afraid to Step-up and give a helping hand, even if they are not in your company.

Pretty simple tips, right. I should have written about how to keep yourself from becoming an leader haha.

Here’s the bottom line, everyone has a leader inside that is ready to break out. YES EVEN YOU. You just have to find a way to unleash it. The above tips are just suggestions, do what you need to do to get there, legally. You will fall down on your journey, get back and move forward. It won’t be easy but, that is all part of the journey. It’s what builds your character. You’llt have to sharpen a few things here and there AND really step up to the plate. For you and all the people you are going to help. You can do it!

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“To your legacy”


Steve Krivda


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4 thoughts on “4 Tips on Becoming a Leader

  1. Renee Flategraff

    Great blog Steve! Very straight forward valid points about leadership sounds like your living the life of a leader!

    1. admin Post author

      Awesome, thank you Renee. I am loving my life. Thank you for stopping by.

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