4 Simple MLM Sponsoring Tips To Increase Your Conversions

4 Simple MLM Sponsoring Tips To Increase Your Conversions


Being in Network Marketing for any amount of time, you start to see trends come and go, business’ come and go and people come and go. One thing that I see that is consistent is this question. How can I sponsor more reps in my business? It’s quite simple actually. So simple that it is completely over looked. We as network marketers tend to make this whole process harder than it needs to be. It’s our personality…we want things done now. So I put together 3 simple MLM sponsoring tips to not only help you, the reader but to remind myself.


Tip #1: Consistency. Ouch, this one is a tough one to hear. When I am asked “How can I am sponsor more reps” I always follow up with “What have you been doing for the last couple of weeks” This rebuttal question is to understand what we need to do to correct whatever funk the person is in. The answer is similar each time “Uhh, umm, well…”. Most of the time, the person hasn’t been doing much prospecting. Just kind of hanging out and talking to someone IF the subject comes up. You must talk to people if you want the business to work. Set goals for yourself to talk to X amount of people a day and stick to it…which leads me into Tip #2


Tips #2: Accountability. Accountability is something us home business owners don’t really have to worry about. Heck, it’s one of the reasons why we got into this game. BUT if you aren’t held accountable and you may slack off, then who is going to make money for YOUR business? Sure your downline will keep you going for a while but we all know, that doesn’t last left unattended. Having someone that keeps you accountable for your work is huge. My accountability partner is my wife. She knows that I work hard for our business and sees when I may be trying to take a short cut. “Steve, what are you doing” LOL. Danielle has been with me long enough to know when I get off track or dodging an event. She’s the first to tell me to do the same as what I tell my team. Whether it’s your upline, downline, friend, etc…get someone that will hold you accountable for your business. Guaranteed this will keep you in check and increase your cashflow.


Tip #3: Posturing and the Take Away. I made these the same tip because they go hand in hand. Please don’t confuse Posturing with being overbearing or sounding fake. In network marketing we get quite a bit of rejection. One way to eliminate that rejection is to be strong with people. Not only tell people that you have the solution to their economic whoas, believe you have the solution. Your voice will sound full of confidence and you will have the person’s attention. Part of posturing is keeping control of the conversation when it starts to go array. When someone is going down the “It’s a scam” “I don’t know if I have the time” “Whine, Whine, Whine”…tell them this “This is probably not for you, I really appreciate your time and it was a pleasure talking to you. I am only looking for people that are serious about making money.”

This is going to do one of two things. They will agree with you, which is great because you have your answer OR the person is going to say…”Wait, why would you say that” and you can tell them that you are only looking for people that are serious, want to take control of their lives and make a difference. That’s called the take away. Nobody likes something taken away from them and this strategy works. You are in complete control while helping that person make a decision. Not pleading or convincing them to join your business.


Tips #4: Having a Back-up Plan. When I prospect people, I try to find other network marketers that are tired of not making money in their current business or people that are looking to join a home based business. I want people that already have the right mind set, not someone that I have to convince that network marketing is what it is. That being said, in talking with other network marketers, I always have a back-up plan. I go through the small talk and get to the person’s dreams, plans and life expectations prior to “Pitching” them, to make sure what I have will be a fit. Here’s the funny thing, when someone like myself does not have a back-up plan, they here “NO” and that’s it. Having a back-up plan can continue the conversation into “So cool, it’s good to hear you are doing well with “X”…might I ask what you are doing to generate leads. No matter what the answer is, most of the time the real answer is that they aren’t doing anything to generate leads. That’s where I am able to introduce them to My Lead System Pro, a Proven Lead Generation System that has created a serious amount of leads and money for A LOT of people. I am able to offer my warm turned cold lead something to help them with their current business, turning them back into a warm/hot lead.

Whatever your “Back-Up” plan is, use it when prospecting. Either way you are helping someone overcome their business / financial issues as well as adding to your residual income.

Network Marketing doesn’t have to be as hard as we make it. It takes practice and a little guidance and some MLM Sponsoring Tips. Take what you learn from everyone and apply it…consistently.

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