4 Simple Facebook Tips For Business Leads

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4 Simple Facebook Tips For Business Leads

I have to say that I am tired of being spammed all the time from my “Friends and Family” – aren’t you? It drives me crazy to see links all over the place, telling me that I’m going to be rich, etc…

What people don’t realize is with a few simple Facebook tips, the business leads will come. It’s called Attraction Marketing and it’s very easy to use. You want to make yourself attractive to others through the use of social networking. Once you see it, you will see how easy this all is.

4 Simple Facebook Tips For Business Leads

Simple Tip #1: Never Spam

You would think this was a no brainer. It’s annoying to paste it on your page and others too. You lose the element of surprise when marketing on Facebook.

Simple Tip #2: Let your pictures tell your story.

Getting drunk and partying all the time in your pictures, might not be a good idea if you are looking to be a professional. Have some family stuff, some professional stuff and more importantly keep it upbeat.

Simple Tip #3: Connect with people

This goes along with spamming. Connect with people on a personal level with 2-3 email messages. You might find that you don’t even want that person on your team. Also, you are building rapport and trust. Remember this is a social networking site.

Simple Tip #4: Post Accolades

Posting and promoting yourself is not bragging. Keep it simple stuff like, “I just hit 2 star in my company” or “While I was at church today, I received $125 in commission…how cool”. It’s okay to pat yourself on your back. Your friends will see that you are getting results and will start coming to you. Pretty cool stuff.

Bonus Simple Tip: See Video to the end to get bonus tip and Free Gift.

There are my 4 Simple Tips For Business Leads. These are very easy to follow but will get your success faster and bigger.

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